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How The Media – NOT TRUMP – Betrayed Israeli Intelligence Sources

The Washington Post and The New York Times were so hungry for a juicy story with which they could continue their assault on President Trump that they wound up doing exactly what they accused the president of doing. Namely, they put our Israeli allies in jeopardy, compromised national security, and made it that much more difficult for the U.S. to protect the Western world from the Islamic State.

In rushing to press with their (anonymously-sourced, likely bogus) story about Trump sharing highly classified “code-word” material with the Russians, the American media apparently went a lot further than Trump in providing the identifying details of the information. For instance, while Trump has acknowledged sharing info with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about ISIS’s plot to take down an airliner with a laptop explosive, he did not share with them any material that would have exposed the source of the info or the method with which the material was gathered.

But the media, eager to paint this as a HUGE story that would put lives in danger, was all to fill in the missing details. Through public reporting, then, we learned that Israel was the source of the information, which automatically made it that much easier for ISIS to identify the mole within their midst.

“Trump may not have provided enough detail to the Russians to damage that source,” officials told the Wall Street Journal.

Oh, but the American media did. Because without identifying the ally, how could they dance around and scream gleefully about the damage Trump had done to our international relationships?

And once again, we’re back to the main problem that has plagued this administration, which is the constant flow of leaks to the media. These leaks are illegal, unethical, and, frankly, anti-American. The media loves them, of course, because they get a big ratings boost every time they can lay another explosive SCOOP on their viewers. And, as an extra added benefit, it gets them one step closer to their ultimate goal, which is to take Trump down by any means possible.

But these leaks aren’t just hurting Trump; they are now hurting our allies and jeopardizing our national security. They aren’t just deteriorating the people’s faith in Trump; they are ruining the people’s faith in our government institutions – to say nothing of the free press. They aren’t just drumming up drama; they are clouding the U.S. in a fog of disruption and allowing our enemies the breathing room they need to plot against us.

They MUST stop, and they must stop now.

Written by Andrew

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