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Is California About to Commit Economic Suicide?

Democrats who think the next natural step from Obamacare is European-style universal healthcare should pay close attention to what’s happening in California right now. Because the state – always the canary in the coal mine when it comes to “progressive” economic and cultural lunacy – is preparing to pass a bill that will make them the first U.S. territory to dive headfirst into socialist medicine. And from the looks of a Senate Appropriations Committee study…it’s gonna cost them.


According to the study, California’s universal healthcare scheme will add $400 BILLION a year to the state budget. That’s more than double the state’s current annual budget, which is already bloated beyond all reason. As liberal lawmakers are already coming to realize, passing this bill would put California on a speeding train towards socialist oblivion. But of course, they have “plans” that will help the state make up the shortfall.

Can you even call $200 billion a shortfall? We need a new term for that kind of fiscal irresponsibility. Economic canyon, maybe?

In any event, Democrats want to pay for half of the bill by imposing a new 15% tax on all income! We’re sure that won’t lead to a mass exodus or anything. Keep in mind that Californians are already paying more than 13% annually in state income tax. This would be on top of that, and it still wouldn’t cover the entire tab.

Overrun with liberals and illegal immigrants, California has to try some ludicrous scheme so that taxpayers can fund their ongoing experiments in socialism. And like all previous experiments in socialism, this one is doomed to fail. You can talk about “one beautiful world of loving, caring equality” until you’re blue in the face, but when the rubber meets the road, communist/socialism always always ALWAYS comes to the same outcome. The left’s paradise does not exist except as a dream in the mind.

Unfortunately, they’re willing to destroy the really good thing we have going already to give it one more disastrous try.

Written by Andrew

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