How Many People Do Islamists Need to Kill Before We WAKE UP?

Last week, we saw four semi-related events unfold.

First, there was the terrorist attack in Manchester that saw an ISIS-affiliated Libyan kill 22 people – many children – at an Ariana Grande concert. That happened on Monday.

On Wednesday, former President Barack Obama appeared at an event in Germany to declare that “we can’t hide behind walls” in a not-so-veiled shot at his White House successor.

On Thursday, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against President Trump’s revised travel ban, saying it “dripped” with religious discrimination.

And then, to finish out the week the way it began, Islamic terrorists kicked off the holy month of Ramadan by slaughtering 26 people in Egypt.

Here, we see the enemy and the response. And for anyone who would like to actually fight back against the destructive, bloodthirsty forces of evil, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

On November 9, the U.S. had a collective moment of sanity. We elected Donald J. Trump – a man who was finally talking sense when it came to immigration and terrorism. A man who wasn’t afraid to push past the political correctness and pinpoint the real problem: Radical Islamic terrorism. A man who was ready to take firm, bold action to keep Americans safe.

But he can’t do it alone. And he can’t do it if the liberal courts block him at every turn. He can’t do it when the entirety of the mainstream media is locked in a war against him…and, by proxy…against every American who voted for him. He can’t do it if our government officials are so paralyzed by the fear of OFFENDING Muslims that we can’t enact common-sense policies. He can’t do it if, around the world, political leaders are telling their citizens that, well, we just have to live with the occasional suicide bombing because it’s more important to be tolerant than it is to…you know…protect our borders.

Let there be no mistake: There WILL come a day when ISIS or Al Qaeda or some lone wolf Islamist manages to top 9/11. The carnage will be unthinkable. And on that day, America will rise up and demand that something be done. Do not doubt that this prediction will come true. It’s an inevitable as tomorrow’s sunrise.

So the question then becomes, why wait? Why wait until we have to bury thousands of Americans in one gruesome, sorrowful day before we take action against the enemy? Why do we need another horrifying reminder of what’s really at stake? Why wasn’t the sight of the Twin Towers crumbling into lower Manhattan enough?

How loud does the alarm clock need to be?

Written by Andrew


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