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First-Ever Black “Bachelorette” is – You Guessed It – NOT ENOUGH

So, here’s another entry in the “Never Enough” category of grievances, proving that racial activists will never be satisfied – or even momentarily mollified – by any attempts on the part of the government, Hollywood, or average, everyday Americans who feel they have to give in to the unceasing demands.

In case you aren’t a particularly avid viewer of ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” the long-running show made history this season by introducing the first black star: 31-year-old Rachel Lindsay. Whether this was in response to some underground demand for a black lead or just an idea whose time had come, writer Mandy Harris-Williams wants us to know that – whatever it is – it’s not enough.

Let’s count the grievances, shall we:

“She is the first black person in the role, and this change in tone interested around a million fewer viewers than the previous two season premieres.”

Clearly, White America has to answer for not being sufficiently entranced by ABC’s racial switch-a-roo.

“It must be mentioned that although the cast is far more diverse than every other season of the show, only 11 out of the 31 suitors in the first episode are Black.”

Hey, it’s great that you tried, ABC, but you didn’t meet my imaginary goalposts, so you failed.

“It may inspire some to see themselves as more deserving of fairy tale (read: fake) romance, and this might engender a sort of self esteem in some, I’d imagine, but it doesn’t do anything to combat white antagonism — rather, it seems to do the opposite.”

Gee, it looks like ABC could have saved themselves the trouble in that case. And while we’re at it, the Oscars should pay close attention the next time they feel compelled to make changes to satisfy the “Oscars so white” crowd on Twitter. After all, you don’t want to stoke the fires of white antagonism!

“Representation allows white people and white television networks to disburden themselves, to believe that their deeply embedded racism is absolved.”

Alas, there’s actually nothing you can do to disburden yourself of that racism, so…don’t bother trying? Is that the message? Cool. Sounds like a plan.

We could go on, but since we (“we” being White American Devils) have already been told there’s nothing we can do to “make things right” with black women or to improve racial progress or to erase our “privilege,” there’s really no point, is there?

Racial grievance activists don’t exist to find solutions – they exist to issue racial grievances. A “solution” is the LAST thing they want to see, because it would force them to actually do something constructive with their lives other than complain.

Written by Andrew

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