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This State Said “Want to Eat? Get a Job” … And Look What Happened!

Liberals are crying in their government cheese over what’s going on in Georgia. The state’s Republicans decided to follow in Maine’s footsteps and take the revolutionary step of actually requiring their citizens to work for their food. And thanks to a new law that requires food stamp recipients to find employment, the state has had a 62% drop in the program’s enrollment. More than 7,000 people have either found a job or have decided they would rather go hungry than get off the couch. Either way, it’s saving the hardworking taxpayers a crap ton of money.

The left likes to make these kinds of requirements into some great right-wing evil, but just look at the mild rules and tell us if you see anything wrong with this. The law simply says that, to qualify for food stamps, anyone who is able-bodied and doesn’t have children has to either:

– Work 20 hours a week


– Enroll in a work training program


– Volunteer at a charity

Now call us cold-hearted, but those sound like some pretty fair rules. Anyone with children is exempt, so Democrats can’t pull out the whole “children are going hungry” argument. Anyone who is disabled is exempt. And the work requirements are loose at best.

And yet even with THESE requirements, 7,000 people dropped out of the program?! If that doesn’t tell you how much fraud and waste is going into the welfare system, nothing will.

“This is about protecting taxpayer dollars from abuse, and taking people off the cycle of dependency,” said Georgia State Rep. Greg Morris.

Exactly. Look, there’s nothing wrong with a social safety net to catch people who temporarily fall on hard times. And there’s nothing wrong with a society that, when possible, takes care of those who cannot take care of themselves due to factors outside of their control. But when able-bodied men and women are just sitting around sucking off the labor of those who choose to make their own way in life, THAT’S a problem.

If you’re working hard and you still can’t make ends meet, that’s what a program like this is for – to make sure you don’t starve to death while you improve your station in life. It’s not supposed to be a program that allows you to just hand over all responsibility to the collective. That way lies socialism, and socialism…well, just look at Venezuela to see where that leads.

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