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Deranged Anti-Trump Protesters Hurl Bricks at Police in Portland

The media certainly made plenty of hay with the supposed “alt-right” Portlander who stabbed two people on a train last week, connecting him to President Donald Trump despite comments on his social media feed that made him out to be a Bernie Sanders supporter. But they’ve been predictably silent about the left-wing lunatics who showed up to a Portland “Free Speech” rally on Sunday, held to protest city officials who have suggested that the proper response to the stabbing may be to shut down pro-Trump events altogether.

Supporters of President Trump came out in droves on Sunday, inevitably attracting many of the city’s “Antifa” elements along with them. According to the Seattle Times, the rally quickly “grew tense,” ultimately leading to several arrests:

Police arrested 14 people, and officers confiscated dozens of makeshift weapons, according to the Portland police.

By the middle of the afternoon, police reported being hit with bottles, balloons and bricks from crowds that had gathered to protest the event. Police said they used “less-lethal chemical munitions” to control the crowd and shut down a park where they had gathered.

Police did not immediately report any officer injuries.

Let’s be thankful for that, but it’s only a matter of time before these Antifa idiots do wind up killing someone in the name of their deranged ideology. Never in history has a group been so misnomered – they are every bit the fascists they claim to despise. Their ideology may not be “right-wing,” as such, but they are certainly not “liberal” in the classic definition of the word.

They do, however, have plenty in common with modern-day American “liberalism,” which has become nothing more than an infection on a once-great land. What do these idiots even stand for? Who can guess? They wouldn’t even be able to tell you, except that it involves a lot of anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-majority-in-whatever-form-it-takes hatred. The absurdity, of course, being that these fools – beneath their black clothes and hoods – are mostly white themselves. But that’s par for the course.

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