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Obama Official: We Must UNDERSTAND the Terrorists, Not Kill Them

President Trump’s approach to Islamic terrorism is simple. You name the problem, you find the perpetrators, and you either kill them or throw them in a prison for which there is no key. And, if the opportunity reveals itself in the meantime, maybe you throw a towel over their bearded faces and pour water down their gullet until they give up some valuable information. It may not be a pretty solution – it’s not the kind of thing that will earn you any pats on the back in the halls of Harvard – but we’re pretty sure it will work.

Certainly, it sounds like a much better approach than the one pursued by President Obama. That strategy was more like: Deny there’s a problem, deny that the problem IS the problem, launch some half-hearted airstrikes, blame Republicans for weak gun control laws, pass the problem onto the next guy. That was how, after seven years of Bush’s War on Terror, Obama let go of the wheel and allowed an entirely new terrorist group to form from the tattered remains of Al Qaeda, populate themselves in a country that Obama abandoned, and turn themselves into an even worse threat to humanity than the guys who brought down the World Trade Center.

And now his spokespeople have the gall to criticize the way Trump is handling the renewed war on terror? Unbelievable.

In an interview with CNN, former State Department spokesman John Kirby said that President Trump’s militarized approach to Islamic terror was all wrong.

“You cannot kill your way out of a terrorism problem,” Kirby said. “We can hit these guys as often as we want and as aggressively as we want, but we are never going to kill the problem of terrorism.”

Well, you’re probably right, but it’s still fun in the meantime. Or does Kirby have a problem with our use of every available military weapon in the war against Islamic extremists? Oh, right, we should sit down around a table with the ISIS leadership and see if we can find common ground. After all, that’s what “worked” with the Islamists in Iran, right? Hmm.

“When you listen to President Trump and his surrogates talk about terrorism and the very real threat that it poses, you hear they talk about it almost in purely militaristic terms – in very aggressive, military terms,” said Kirby. “‘And I don’t see a comprehensive, cohesive, multifaceted strategy in the works right now. There’s very little discussion about getting at the root causes of extremism and terrorism – working on issues of poverty and human rights and corruption overseas – and that’s a real problem here, because this is a generational conflict.’

Oh yes, we nearly forgot that Obama’s State Department said that Islamic terror in the Middle East was a problem because the people over there didn’t have enough job opportunities. Oh, and of course, you hear liberals today saying it’s a climate change issue. And we’re sure that, given enough time, they’ll come up with a thousand other things – all of them liberal pet issues – that need to be “solved” if we are to truly eliminate ISIS.

But, you know, we did it the Obama way for eight years and, well, we can’t really say we were thrilled with the results. So now we’re going to bomb the dog snot out of them for a while and see how that pans out.

Men are in charge of America again, Mr. Kirby. Help yourself to a hot cup of Shut the Hell Up and let them do their business.

Written by Andrew

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