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Courts or No Courts, Trump Should Enforce the Travel Ban

Unless the Supreme Court can restore some sanity to the left-wing circus that we’ve seen unfold around the country, President Trump will be forced to make a very difficult choice regarding the security of our nation.

So far, both the Ninth Circuit and the Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeal have blocked his sensible, moderate 90-day travel ban on some of the worst terrorist hellholes in the world. They say that because he made mention of a “Muslim ban” on the campaign trail, his motivations behind the Middle East moratorium on travel cannot be trusted. They say that it’s an unconstitutional attempt to discriminate against a religion – said religion, of course, being Islam…the ever-flowing wellspring of hope and peace.

These rulings are not based on case law, they are based on liberal ideology. Of course, when a twisted liberal gets behind the bench, that’s all that matters is his or her political beliefs. That’s how you get nonsense about a “living Constitution.” And while there is some merit to the idea that the Constitution must be interpreted to encompass changing situations that could not have been foreseen in the 1700s, Democrats take this philosophy to mean that our founding document can basically say whatever they want it to say at any given juncture.

Rarely, though, have liberal judges stretched the reality of the law as far as they have in this particular case. U.S. statutes are clear when it comes to the authority of the president. By blocking this travel ban, the courts have effectively stripped Donald Trump of the rightful power of the presidency. And at the same time, they are forcing the current administration to abide by the same policies that have allowed Islamic killers to get into this country in years’ past. The same policies – the same inadequate vetting procedures – that let Tashfeen Malik, one of the San Bernardino shooters, to come to America with terror in her mind.

There is nothing in our law that gives the courts the right to “overrule” either the White House or Congress when it comes to matters of limiting immigration into the United States. What we are witnessing today is nothing less than a judicial takeover. And THAT is the only thing unconstitutional that’s happening.

As such, President Trump may need to simply override the rulings and enforce the travel ban as he sees fit. We would encourage congressional Republicans to side with him on this matter, but we doubt they have the backbone to do so. So he’ll have to go it alone. Well, not alone, because he will have at least 80% of backing from the men and women of law enforcement – the men and women on the ground who will be charged with carrying out these policies. They KNOW that Trump has it right on Islamic terrorism. They’re just waiting to get the go-ahead.

The American people overwhelmingly approve of the travel ban. The American people voted for Trump and the policies he endorsed. Now, those policies are being held hostage by unelected judges who have exceeded their authority. What hangs in the balance is not just national security but our entire democratic system of government.

This is a war Trump – and America – cannot afford to lose.

Written by Andrew


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