The One Thing Democrats WON’T Do to Stop Their Losing Streak

After putting all of their chips (and we mean ALL of them) on the Georgia race and their failed young liberal candidate, Jon Ossoff, desperate Democrats are beginning to wonder if their dreams of taking back the House of Representatives in 2018 are nothing more than vaporous fantasies.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and DNC Chairman Tom Perez are under the microscope as angry voters question whether the party’s leadership has even bothered to do an honest autopsy of the 2016 election to see where they went wrong. They’re beginning to suspect the truth – that Dems chalked Trump’s victory up to Russian interference and a bad candidate, and that they’re putting all of their hopes of “The Resistance” to carry them to a new age of Democrat dominance.

The truth is that there is something Democrats could do to at least improve their chances of turning their losing streak around…but it’s the one thing they WON’T do. Not yet, anyway. Not until it becomes clear to every single member of the party that it’s the only way forward.

The true answer to the Democrats’ woes lies not in going after Trump. It lies not in finding a mildly-better candidate than Hillary to run in 2020. And it certainly lies not in promoting the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to the marquee.

No, the Democrats – if they hope to win back the working class Americans who drifted from Obama to Trump – need to drop the social justice agenda that so many would-be Democrat Party voters find utterly meaningless, if not actively disgraceful. They need to forget about the culture wars for a while and understand – right down to the party’s roots – that the values of San Francisco and New York City will never be shared by the multitudes of Middle Americans who have found a new home across the aisle.

And the shame of it is, they’ll never do it.

No, they are sticking by their contention that we NEED illegal immigrants to thrive in this country. They’re sticking by their fight to make abortions free and available on every streetcorner in the country. They’re sticking by their insane, LGBT science “facts” and their discovery of discrimination in every city and state you can name. They’re standing by Black Lives Matter. They think – so very, very wrongly – that this is what makes their party strong. They don’t understand…or won’t understand…that it’s the very anchor that’s dragging them into the pages of forgotten history.

Written by Andrew

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