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This is How Republicans Can Finish Democrats Off in the Age of Trump

If we didn’t know about all of the lies, deceit, and anti-Americanism that built the foundation of the modern Democratic Party, we would almost feel sorry for them. They are on the ropes in a bad way. A mere year or so after everyone was idiotically sounding the death toll for the GOP, the Democrats are beginning to wonder if there is an election outside of the coasts that they CAN win. The only thing they can hope for now is that Republicans will make some major blunders over the next couple of years that will allow them to regain a proper foothold in the U.S. government.

Unfortunately, if we know Republicans, that’s a pretty decent thing to pin your hopes on.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Republicans can use the next two years to finish the Democrats off and consign them to one of two choices: Drastically change the party’s agenda or be faced with the prospect of going obsolete on the national stage. Either outcome would be a net benefit to the country, so here are some things Republicans can do to land the knockout blow.

Unite Around Trump

This is the big one, and we’ve been (relatively) pleased with the way Republicans have worked with the president over the last six months. It’s certainly been a dramatic turnaround from last year, when you could scarcely find anyone in the party to throw their support behind him. This unity has yet to be turned into major legislative action yet, but we’re hoping against hope that they will be able to actually pass some form of healthcare bill before the summer is out. It may not be perfect, but we don’t need perfection right now. We need to start chipping away at the failed beast known as Obamacare and we need momentum on Capitol Hill.

Learn FROM Trump

While we’re excited to see everyone from Ted Cruz to Marco Rubio let bygones be bygones and rally around President Trump, most of the party is still stuck in the old political ways. They’re still letting the likes of the New York Times and the Washington Post call the shots. They should start learning from Donald Trump. Learn that they don’t have to “defeat” the mainstream media. Learn that they cannot ever hope to gain favor with them…unless, of course, they turn into de facto Democrats and start bashing the president like John McCain and a few others. Instead, start going AROUND the media. Go straight to the people and stop playing the “opposition party’s” game. That alone would represent a huge leap forward.

Tell the Unvarnished Truth About Democrats

This goes hand in hand with the last thing. You can’t get the truth out through the mainstream media; they simply won’t allow it. But if you use the resources available to you – Your Breitbarts, your Fox News Channels, your Daily Callers, your Rush Limbaughs, your Twitters – you can go around their blockade and start telling the American people what Democrats are really all about. How full of hate they are. How destructive their social agenda is for the country. How out-of-touch they are with the average American. Too many voters still think they’re registered with the old “labor-first” Democratic Party of old. Let these people know that “tax and spend,” as bad as it was, is no longer the primary platform of this tyrannical, insane political party.



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