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Idiot Liberal Judge Defies Supreme Court, Blocks Trump Travel Ban

We have strong suspicions about the deep state and its underground opposition to the Trump agenda. We have our doubts about the Republican establishment and whether they’re doing everything they can to move forward on the MAGA promises that the people voted for. And when it comes to the liberal mainstream media, well, we don’t so much have “doubts and suspicions” and we do hard-earned knowledge about how desperate they are to steal this presidency away from the American people.

But when you really look at the last six months, President Trump’s most formidable enemy hasn’t been any of these entities. It hasn’t even been Democrat lawmakers. It’s been the federal judges still hanging around the bench. Remnants of the Obama legacy, these judges have worked tirelessly to thwart Trump’s constitutional duties and rights – AS PRESIDENT – to protect this nation from threats foreign and domestic. And, apparently, they are even willing to defy the Supreme Court to do so.

We’re talking, of course, about U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson, an imbecile who has just ruled (again) against the Trump administration’s 90-day travel ban. Watson has determined through some mechanism – i.e., some mechanism other than the law – that the Trump administration cannot bar grandparents and other estranged family members from traveling to the U.S. from six Middle Eastern countries. According to Watson, the Supreme Court did not give the administration the right to do this…even though it plainly did.

So now we’re in a situation where courts like Watson’s have not only decided that the POTUS does not have the final say on immigration (even though U.S. law says otherwise) but that the Supreme Court does not have the final say on matters of law (even though the Constitution says otherwise.) Which leaves us in a kind of legal netherworld where laws don’t matter, only feelings. And liberals like Watson really FEEL like this ban is bad.

According to Watson, it’s a misreading of the Supreme Court’s decision for the Trump admin to block grandparents and other, more distant relatives from visiting America. He reads the “close familial relationships” exemption to include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…hell, perhaps even neighbors and the local postman. The effect, naturally, would be to essentially erase the ban entirely – which is, after all, something Justices Gorsuch, Thomas, and Alito warned us would happen when the majority of the Supreme Court decided to include the vague exemption in the first place.

Our nation’s security is once again in peril, and we have Judge Watson to thank for it. But what’s really frightening is not the prospect of Yemeni grandmothers visiting Hawaii; it’s the fact that liberal judges are slowly but surely stealing the powers of the presidency away from a Republican they despise.

Written by Andrew

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