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Liberal Preacher: Praying for Trump Goes Against Christianity

MSNBC host Joy Reid can’t get enough of the radical Rev. William Barber. Apparently, having this pro-abortion “Christian” on the program gives some sort of fake gravitas to the Resistance. Oh, look, a man of God says Trump is the worst thing to ever darken the doors of the White House. That must mean something, right? Sure it does. Whatever you want to believe.

Every time Barber is on the program, he manages to outdo himself in terms of twisting the message of Christ. This week, he told Reid that he had a problem with any Christians who might actually stoop to PRAYING for President Trump!

“Reverend Barber, what do you make of this laying on of hands and this embrace of Donald Trump by the evangelical right or the Christian right?” asked Reid, in reference to a recent picture of Christian ministers praying over the president in the Oval Office.

“When you can P-R-A-Y for a president and others while they are P-R-E-Y preying on the most vulnerable, you’re violating the sacred principles of religion,” said Barber. “A text in Amos 2: Religious hypocrisy looks like when a nation of political leaders will buy and sell people to do anything to make money, sell the poor for a pair of shoes, grind the penniless into the dirt and shove the luckless into the ditch. That’s an actual text. A text that says when you do not care for sick you are violating the principles of God.”

We’re pretty sure the original text is a bit more lyrical than that, but okay.

“We have this extremist Trump Republican agenda that takes health care and transfers wealth to the greedy,” he said. “That’s hypocrisy and sin. $700 billion, Joy. You haven’t seen that kind of transfer of wealth on the backs of the bodies of people since the days of slavery.”


Whenever you have a supposed man of God casting doubt on the faith of others, it should perk your ears. This isn’t what being a Christian is about. This is judgment, and it’s political judgment at that. Barber isn’t preaching the word of God, he’s USING excerpts from the Bible to make a case for Barack Obama’s socialist policies and his own radical idea of what the U.S. should be doing vis a vis healthcare. Distrust anyone – preacher or not – who tries to argue healthcare policy using a holy book.

Barber’s entitled to his political opinions, but it strikes us as distasteful and flat-out wrong to say that anyone who prays for Donald Trump is somehow not a good Christian. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that a real follower of Christ would pray for Trump not just if he happened to agree with his policies, but ESPECIALLY if he did not.

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