Will This Man Put an End to White House Leaks?

The more we see of Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s new man in charge of White House communications, the more we’re certain that the president made one of his best hires yet. In fact, setting aside Steve Bannon, this may be the most quintessentially “Trump” man in the administration, and there’s no questioning the man’s loyalty to the president. Even though Scaramucci was far from the first guy out there to board the Trump Train, we haven’t seen anyone defend the boss with this level of enthusiasm since the days of Corey Lewandowski. The former Wall Street investor has come to the party ready to fight, and that’s exactly the kind of guy Trump needs on his side right now.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Scaramucci said that one of his first jobs would be to get control of the damaging leaks flowing out of the White House.

“We have to get the leaks stopped,” he said. “What’s going on right now is a high level of unprofessionalism, and it’s not helping the president. I will take drastic action to stop the leaks.”

That can only mean one thing: Heads are about to start rolling at Castle Trump. And it’s about time. Assuming that Scaramucci can clean house, one has to wonder what exactly Mike Dubke and Reince Priebus were doing all this time. Twiddling their thumbs and hoping the leaks would naturally come to an end? Or were they the ones running to the press every time there was another juicy story to give to their buddies in the D.C. media establishment?

Regardless, there may be in reality only so much Scaramucci can do to put a lid on the pot. Many of the most damaging leaks for the administration have come from outside the White House. The intelligence community and the various federal agencies – many of which are still jam-packed with Obama loyalists and other deep state staffers who would love to see Trump crash and burn – have been a constant source of consternation for the president. Until there is a full turnaround in the Washington culture, i.e., putting Trump loyalists in all of the top federal positions, the leaking frenzy is likely to continue for some time.

Still, it’s a positive development to have someone in Scaramucci’s position who is adamant about fighting for the president and not trying to build bridges with the Republican/media establishment. It’s beyond obvious that those bridges cannot be built because no one is interested in crossing them. Scaramucci, like Steve Bannon, appears to have a much greater understanding of what’s really going on here, and he won’t be afraid to bring the hammer down if necessary.

Written by Andrew

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