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How Barack Obama is Secretly Plotting Against the President

According to former Bill Clinton aide Dick Morris, Barack Obama is not merely tending to his kids and vacationing with Richard Branson now that he’s out of the White House. To the contrary, Obama is busy presiding over and developing a secret coalition to oppose President Trump and ensure that his successor does not lay waste to the ultra-liberal agenda he spent eight years building in Washington.

“There is indication that Obama has set up a secret operation in a war room just about two miles from the White House where Michelle has her office, as do many of the former aides to Obama,” Morris revealed in a recent podcast. “This war room is how they’re trying to topple Trump.”

Morris said Obama spends hours each day on conference calls with his loyalists, planning how to get their message out to the media. The purpose? To “sabotage Trump” in the public eye.

“All the key players are on that conference call,” Morris said. “Lately, it’s been devoted to trying to defeat Trump’s health care reform. So much for smooth presidential transitions.”

Obama is not limiting his resistance to playing the media for suckers, though. Morris said the former president was also in touch with holdovers who still work in the federal government.

“Moles that are buried in the Trump administration are leaking to sabotage Trump,” he confided.

Which is certainly evidenced by the first six months of Trump’s presidency.

There’s not much President Trump can do about Obama’s relationship with the media; they’ve had an eight-year-long love affair with the first black president, and that love affair is going to continue well into the future. What he can do, of course, is draw a light to these revelations to make sure that viewers and readers of the mainstream media understand that Steve Bannon isn’t kidding when he calls them the opposition party.

As far as his administration goes, however, there is something he can do: Clean house and fast. This administration is still far behind pace when it comes to filling key government roles, and that gives Obama loyalists all the opening they need to drag his agenda down, leak policy plans to the media, and basically sandbag Trump’s entire presidency. If Trump is to make good on the enormous promise his candidacy held for millions of Americans, he will have to cut out the deep state cancer currently eating his administration alive.

And then…THEN…he can pressure his Justice Department and Congress to start really looking into the crimes of the Obama administration. Let the investigations – and the prosecutions – begin. When all is said and done, it will become very clear why Obama chose to shack up in Washington and why he and his allies are so terrified of Donald J. Trump. We can’t wait for that day to arrive.

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