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Study: Thousands of Illegal Duplicate Votes Tainted 2016 Election

A new study from the Government Accountability Institute proves that President Donald Trump has his work cut out for him when it comes to curtailing voter fraud in the United States. While the media bashed the president for claiming that such fraud existed and then walloped him again when he convened the Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, the new study proves that Trump was right all along. Something must be done to shore up our democratic security, and it must be done before Americans go to the polls again next November.

According to the GAI study, thousands of votes last year were cast illegally by people who registered – AND VOTED – in multiple states.

Using voter registration and voter history data from the 21 states that were willing to provide the information, the Institute compared the lists from the various states using an “extremely conservative matching approach that sought only to identify two votes cast in the same legal name.” By doing this, the Institute found that nearly 9,000 votes were “highly likely” duplicates. The Institute concluded that if this small cross-section of the electorate were extrapolated to include all 50 states, it would show that more than 45,000 illegal duplicate votes were cast in 2016.

This is less than the margin of error in several states where Hillary Clinton just squeaked by Donald Trump.

Did these duplicate votes change the outcomes of the vote in any of those states? We can’t know until we investigate further. The point is not to cast doubts as to the validity of the 2016 election or any other single election. The point is to prove that there are more problems in our voting system than Democrats are willing to admit. This is not, as they allege, a racist attempt to keep blacks and other minorities from having a voice in our democracy. This IS, however, an attempt to make sure that we are adhering to the one-person, one-vote standard that keeps our democracy from turning into a fraudulent joke.

Our state-level politicians have a duty to protect the information entrusted them by the voters, but they also have a duty to guard the integrity of our elections. For that reason, they must work closely with President Trump’s advisory commission and allow a transparent process to unfold. There is a reason Democrats are fighting this investigation with everything they have. It’s our right to know what that reason really is.

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