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Why Those Leaked Calls Made Us Love Trump More Than Ever

The liberal media – blind to the absolute danger these leaked telephone transcripts pose to our very democracy – is having a blast poring through them in an effort to make President Trump look like a fool. As you’ve probably seen, some joker inside the administration leaked the calls – made in late January – to the leaders of Mexico and Australia. Those calls were the subject of great scrutiny back when they happened, but only now do we get to see what was actually said. And boy, do Trump’s detractors think they make him look bad.

But do they?

We try not to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to Trump’s downsides. We’re not kidding ourselves. We’re not trying to pretend like he’s a man beyond fault. When there is rightful criticism to be considered, we’re fine with considering it.

But we honestly don’t see what it is in these calls that make him look so terrible.

The mainstream media is picking and choosing small quotes out of these calls that supposedly make Trump look like a fool or a shyster, playing the American public like a fiddle. But if you read the entire conversational transcripts, you’ll see a man who is EXACTLY the same in a private call with world leaders as he is in front of his supporters at a rally.

In his call to the Australian prime minister, he was incensed by the deal Obama made to accept thousands of refugees, and it wasn’t just because it would make him look bad politically. It was because – as he said on the phone – he doesn’t want the next 9/11 or San Bernardino to happen on his watch. And he was irate at the fact that he was being held to this terrible deal. What’s so bad about that?

On the Mexico phone call, he told Pena Nieto again and again that if he had his druthers, he would just start taxing the hell out of his country’s products as they came across the border. But, he said, he was willing to stand by and see what Jared Kushner could work out in the way of a more relaxed deal. The media has taken excerpts of the call to make it seem like Trump went back on his promise to make Mexico pay for the wall. He didn’t. He didn’t even come CLOSE. He simply realized that they were at an impasse, and he agreed to give the Mexican president space to come up with a way to save face. He’s a dealmaker! And this call, in particular, showed that he is not selling the American people one idea while cooking something else up behind closed doors.

If anything, we’re more impressed with President Trump than ever after reading these transcripts. If you ever had the nagging feeling that Trump was a different man away from the cameras (you know, like 99.9% of Washington politicians), these calls will remove that notion entirely. He is what he is. And that, frankly, is a breath of extraordinary fresh air.

Written by Andrew

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