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Clinton and Obama Share Blame in Letting North Korea Get to This Point

While the left goes nuts about President Trump’s “fire and fury” remarks towards North Korea, it seems they are more than willing to ignore the fact that North Korea is ACTUALLY a nuclear threat at this point. And maybe there’s a couple of reasons they would like to ignore that salient point. One, of course, they can’t get out of “Attack Trump” mode. And two, they don’t want to get into the thorny details of how we let Pyongyang get to this point. Because that would mean throwing our last three presidents – two of whom were cherished Democrats – under the bus.

Of the three, no one deserves a larger share of the blame than Bill Clinton. In 1994, this fool announced that the U.S. and North Korea had reached an agreement that would put “an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula.” If those words sound more familiar than they should, being from 20+ years ago, it’s because more than a few critics of the Iran deal rolled them out to demonstrate how Obama was carelessly repeating the mistakes of his ideological predecessor.

But right now, it’s North Korea and not Iran that we have to confront. And it was North Korea that Clinton spoke about on that day in 1994 when he was so certain that Pyongyang was telling the truth when it “agreed to freeze its existing nuclear program and to accept international inspection of all existing facilities.”

Yes…so, so familiar, isn’t it?

This agreement, said Clinton, “is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world.”

Today, most international experts believe that Kim Jong Un is capable of hitting at least one American city with a ICBM missile tipped with a nuclear weapon. If not now, he will possess that capability before Trump’s first term is over.

The failures of these prior administrations has not gone unnoticed by the current one. On CBN this week, White House Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka blasted Trump’s Democrat predecessor’s for their failure to keep the mad North Korean regime in check.

“The president say the price of appeasement which happened afterwards during the Clinton administration and then during the Obama administration, and today we are paying the price of that appeasement of Pyongyang,” Gorka said.

Thankfully, the time for appeasement appears to be over. President Trump is no warmonger, but he is a realist when it comes to the nature of the Kim Jong Un regime. He is also a patriot, determined to protect America at any cost.

We only hope that his failed predecessors have not left him – and us – with a cost far too high for any civilized nation to pay without serious regret.

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