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CNN “Reporter” Jim Acosta is Just a Blatant Liberal Cheerleader At This Point

Will someone just give CNN’s Jim Acosta his own early (EARLY) morning talk show already and put the rest of us out of our misery? This guy is so thirsty to become the network’s new liberal pundit that he might as well be openly auditioning for the job. It’s getting pathetic. This idiot is supposed to be a JOURNALIST, if that word still has any meaning in today’s seedy world of media whores. That means: Objectivity. That means: Keep your stupid liberal opinions to yourself. That means: You don’t go to war with the current administration whenever you get in front of a microphone or your silly little Twitter account.

What a fool.

Conservatives have had a legitimate beef with the liberal media for a long time, and it’s only gotten worse over the last three or four years. But since Donald Trump rode that escalator into politics two summers ago, it’s gotten absolutely out of control. There’s not even an ATTEMPT to hide the liberal bias any more. It’s just right out there in the open, flapping around like a dying fish. And it smells nearly the same. Now, maybe we should be happy about this. But we’re concerned that there are still millions of Americans who think (or will soon think) that this is perfectly normal and acceptable. That if a JOURNALIST like Jim Acosta says these things, they must be true. He’s a JOURNALIST, after all.

Acosta was certainly not the only person criticizing Trump after the Charlottesville mayhem this weekend, but his tweets deserve a special spotlight. Not because they were particularly profound, but because they shouldn’t have been written at all.

“This is when Trump can seize the bully pulpit for good,” Acosta wrote prior to the president’s remarks. “Time to condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists in no uncertain terms.”

Not journalism. Not objectivity.

After Trump’s speech, Acosta retweeted several reporters who noted that Trump did not specifically do what Acosta recommended.

“False equivalency: POTUS just skirted the nature of what I’ve seen: white nationalists defiling UVA and Charlottesville,” wrote Larry Sabato in one of Acosta’s retweets.

Acosta himself then quoted Trump: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides,” so that he could retort with:

“Note the President using the term: ‘many sides.’ Given the chance, he didn’t condemn these white supremacists and neo-Nazis by name.”

Not journalism. Not objectivity.

There WAS violence from all sides this weekend in Virginia, and that would be much more obvious had one nutty fellow not plowed his car into a crowd. But even if Acosta was absolutely correct in his criticism, it’s NOT his criticism to make. He’s a JOURNALIST. It can’t be repeated enough.

Bah. Losing battle, we suppose.

Written by Andrew

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