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Sen. Kid Rock, At Your Service: Could it Really Happen?

When Kid Rock announced that he might be making a run for the Senate, most people dismissed it as a publicity stunt. Weeks later, it’s still not clear if he really intends to make good on the threat. Is he serious about trading in his music career for a stint in Washington? Or is he merely trying to use this as a way to test the waters, sell some records, and play to a very under-served target of pop culture; i.e., Trump supporters?

Well, let’s assume that he is serious and that he is going to make a run against Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow. According to a new poll, she might have her hands full. The popular, twice-elected Stabenow is only ahead of Kid Rock 50-42 in a head-to-head matchup, which is, well, not great news when you consider that the rap-rocker has not even officially thrown his cowboy hat into the ring. Another poll by Trafalgar actually shows KR with a small lead over his Democrat opponent. And while Michigan is typically a blue state through and through, it went to Trump in November as the Republican nominee blasted through Hillary’s Blue Wall on his way to the White House. In other words, stranger things have happened.

Kid Rock does not have a full policy platform that voters can peruse, but he’s obviously not your typical Republican. He’s somewhat pro-choice, somewhat pro-gay marriage, and has not weighed in on many of the top issues of the day. That said, he’s aggressively in favor of the military, has an uncompromising stance on national security, and he has endorsed the last two Republican nominees for president – including Trump. If Trump’s election marked a turning point for the party away from the Christian/social ideas of the past, Kid Rock’s election would only hammer home that pivot. A pivot not only away from the evangelical wing but away from the Republican establishment.

Because there’s nothing “establishment” about Kid Rock, to say the least.

So could it really happen? We think it not only COULD happen, but that it probably will. Republicans have virtually nothing to lose going after Stabenow’s seat with a wild card like Kid Rock. Democrats have assumed the Michigan senator is safe as safe can be. And if any other Republican goes after her, they will probably be proven right. Now is the perfect time to throw a wrench in the works, throw party support (including the president) behind the insurgent rock star, and just see what happens. We’re in control. We can afford to take some risks. This roll of the dice could pay off big time.

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