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Media Trots Out “Mostly Peaceful Protests” Lie Once Again

God help us with this media.

Apparently, with Donald Trump back in campaign form inside the civic center in Phoenix on Tuesday, the media was inspired to return to their campaign form. And part of what made their coverage of the 2016 election so intolerable was the way they incessantly covered for the violent leftists who protested at each and every Trump campaign stop. The phrase “mostly peaceful protests” achieved almost meme-like status for its sheer absurdity. The game, of course, was to tell viewers the BIG LIE: The majority of Trump protesters are loving, patriotic Americans…with just a sprinkle of unhinged lunacy thrown in for seasoning.

This was, of course, a warmed-over lie from the heyday of Black Lives Matter, but we won’t go there just now.

In any case, the media trotted that BIG LIE out again this week when covering the protests outside the Trump rally in Phoenix. Oh, look at all of these law-abiding, freedom-cherishing protesters, they told us as police rained tear gas and rubber bullets down on the rioters. And while we’ll admit that it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch, there were at least a hundred bad apples in this particular bunch. At some point, you’re not exactly describing the apples, you’re describing the bushel.

Kudos to ABC’s Cecilia Vega, who struck just the right tone when discussing the wild scene the next day on Good Morning America.

“It really feels like a matter of time, frankly, before someone gets hurt,” Vega reported.


Oh, what’s that? Vega wasn’t talking about the lunatic leftists?

Of course not. This was her talking about Trump’s “incitement” of the crowd inside the arena. His words of clear, obvious truth about the lying media. THAT’S the problem, according to ABC News. Not the lying media, but the president’s CALLING OUT of the lying media. How very convenient.

Over on MSNBC, in addition to ignoring the violence outside the arena, Slate columnist Michelle Goldberg actually went as far as to accuse President Trump of wanting a violent outbreak.

“I mean, one of the truly sick things about this rally – and I think it’s one of the more morally shocking things that Trump has done – is he’s basically going there in the hopes of starting a riot, right?” Goldberg said on Wednesday night. “He’s basically going there in the hopes of sowing civil unrest because he spoke exactly a week ago he got himself in trouble by talking about, ‘Well, what about the violent left? What about the violent left?'”

THIS woman has the gall to talk about morals? To talk about “truly sick things?” Imagine having a mind so entangled with leftist hatred that THIS is how you see things? And then imagine being an MSNBC producer who decides that THIS is the kind of rhetoric they want on the airwaves.

Inside the rally, Trump said of the media: “They don’t want to make our country great again.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Written by Andrew

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