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You Can’t Use “Hate” as an Excuse for Discriminating Against Religion

In the wake of Charlottesville, it’s more important than ever that conservatives rip the veil off the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has become the “go to” group for the media when it comes to discussing hateful extremism in America. If you watched the Mayweather-McGregor fight on Saturday, you may have noticed the commercial where a bevy of A-list celebrities asked viewers to donate to the SPLC in the effort to fight hate. That would be all well and good if the SPLC was solely committed to standing up against the KKK…or, you know, if they had any interest at all in left-wing extremist groups or Islamic radicals. But they don’t, and that’s not what they’re about. They are about punishing conservatism that defies political correctness, and it’s time for their charade to end.

Hopefully, a new lawsuit will get the ball rolling.

Last week, D. James Kennedy Ministries filed suit against the SPLC, the charity watchdog organization GuideStar, and Amazon, claiming that the SPLC’s designation of them as a “hate group” resulted in defamation, deception, and religious discrimination.

“We embarked today on a journey to right a terrible wrong,” said Dr. Frank Wright, the president of DJKM, in a statement. “Those who knowingly label Christian ministries as ‘hate’ groups, solely for subscribing to the historic Christian faith, are either woefully uninformed or willfully deceitful. In the case of the Southern Poverty Law Center, our lawsuit alleges the latter.”

The SPLC slapped the Christian group with the “hate” label because of the organization’s stance on same-sex marriage and transgender issues. It is now considered “extremist” to be against either of these things, which just goes to show you how quickly the culture changes. Two or three years ago, it was perfectly mainstream to have strong religious opinions about these issues. Today, you’re considered little better than a Klansman. At least, that’s if you believe what the SPLC is slinging.

Unfortunately, this is a group that’s being treated as an authority on hate.

“These false and illegal characterizations have a chilling effect on the free exercise of religion and on religious free speech for all people of faith,” Wright said. “After having given the SPLC an opportunity to retract, we have undertaken this legal action, seeking a trial by a jury of our peers, to preserve our own rights under the law and to defend the religious free speech rights of all Americans.”

We wish Wright well in his lawsuit, because this is about so much more than his ministry. This is about restoring sanity. This is about pushing back on what can only be called slander towards conservatives and Christians. This is about nipping the death of free speech and religious liberty in the bud before it grows out of control. And it’s about showing Americans what the news media won’t: That the Southern Poverty Law Center is a front for liberal interest groups and nothing more.

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