Maine Democrats: Too Many Damn White People in This State!

It’s clear that Democrats have learned absolutely nothing from the 2016 election, and that’s as true in local politics as it is on the national stage. If they had, you wouldn’t have the lamentable scene in Maine on Wednesday, where a group of 10 Democrats held court in front of roughly 100 liberals in Lewiston, each of them trying to out-progressive the other. With seven of the attending Democrats hoping to take Paul LePage’s place in the governor’s mansion when voters go to the polls and three looking to join the state congress, it was a free-for-all for leftist, racial identity politics, the kind for which there may not be much appetite in the largely rural New England state.

But that, according to at least some in attendance, is part of the problem: The state of Maine isn’t just suffering from a bad, Trump-supporting Republican governor, they say. It’s suffering because the population is just too damn WHITE! Because, as the organizers said – “Now, more than ever, we need progressive leaders who will work to help everyday Mainers and fight back against the racist and xenophobic rhetoric and policies coming from Washington and Augusta.”

Uh-huh. Because THAT’S the main issue for state governments right now – fighting back rhetorically against the Trump administration. We’re sure that platform is destined to get people off the couch and into the voting booths next November.

One city council aspirant at the rally said the nation was at an “incredibly pivotal moment” in the wake of the Charlottesville march and Donald Trump’s remarks afterwards. The people of Maine are apparently in dire need of CITY COUNCILMEN who can stand up to a small white supremacist march in Virginia? How ludicrous.

One would-be governor – Diane Russell – appeared to believe that it was Maine’s job to fight for immigration reform. She blasted Republicans for “demonizing people” to score points with a racist base and said immigrants had done nothing to deserve the kind of political rhetoric coming out of the White House.

But, of course, it’s perfectly fine to demonize white people. In fact, white people ARE the problem, according to gubernatorial candidate Mark Eves. Asked about Maine’s low population of minorities, Eves said that the state’s overwhelming whiteness was “bad news,” and that Maine was going to be in trouble if it couldn’t draw in a more ethnically diverse population. From the reports, it does not appear that Eves explained exactly WHY or HOW a more diverse population would benefit Maine.

But then again, in this crowd, he probably didn’t have to.

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