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New York Times Bends Over Backwards to Avoid Praising Trump

With palpable reluctance, the New York Times had to admit in the pages of its newspaper that the Trump administration was doing a fantastic job of responding to the twin hurricane crises in Texas and Florida this week. However, while they couldn’t escape the facts of the recovery effort, the Times managed to avoid giving credit to the one man they vowed to hold responsible if the response went south: President Donald Trump himself.

Cue our complete lack of surprise.

At the end of August, the Times put President Trump on notice.

“Facing what could be the most powerful storm to slam into the United States in more than a decade, President Trump and the team he has put in place at the Federal Emergency Management Agency were bracing on Friday for one of the most important tests of his presidency,” they wrote.

Thus, the Times made it clear that they would hold Trump responsible for a botched recovery effort, just as they blasted George W. Bush for FEMA’s less-than-adequate response to Hurricane Katrina.

But now that the hurricanes have passed and the recovery effort is zooming along effectively, the paper just can’t quite bring themselves to admit the obvious: In one of the “most important tests of his presidency,” Donald Trump passed with flying colors.

“The United States appears to be improving in the way it responds to hurricanes, at a time when climate scientists say the threats from such storms, fueled by warming oceans, are growing only more dire,” according to the paper.

And how did these miraculous improvements come about. Why, through no effort on the part of the president, the New York Times assures us. No, no. The responses were merely a reflection of how the 9/11 terrorist attacks made the “American government” much better about reacting to disasters both natural and manmade. In other words, things would have gone along just the same whether or not Trump was in office.

We’d love for the writers to answer this question honestly: If the response to these hurricanes had been botched beyond recognition, would the paper have simply blamed it on systemic “American government” failures? Or would they have gleefully laid the blame at the door of the White House?

Never mind, we already know the answer.

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