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Geniuses at Work: Illegal Immigrants Turn on Their Only Defenders

On the verge of getting what seemed like an impossible “dream” only a few short months ago – the possibility of having President Trump, Republicans, and Democrats all convene on a piece of legislation that would give amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants – you would think someone like Nancy Pelosi would be the toast of the barrio. But, as with so many things, even a hard-left Democrat like Pelosi is coming to realize that you simply can’t be liberal ENOUGH to satisfy some people.

Thus it was that Pelosi, during a press conference in San Francisco on Monday, was besieged by a group of angry illegal immigrants shouting “all of us or none of us.”

From NPR:

The protesters, who described themselves as undocumented youth, were denouncing Pelosi’s tentative agreement with President Trump to work together on passage of some form of relief for immigrant youth.

Chanting “we are not a bargaining chip,” the protesters upstaged Pelosi and her fellow Democrats. The confrontation went on for about 30 minutes, according to one published report. The chant was an apparent reference to reports that the Democrats might agree to Trump’s demands for enhanced border security and other measures in exchange for an agreement to protect the estimated 800,000 recipients of the Obama-era program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

DACA recipients and their supporters have been pressing for what they call “a clean Dream Act,” meaning protections without conditions.

What can you say, other than…LOL?

Protections without conditions? Um, how about this: You’re NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN OUR COUNTRY! How about, instead of protections without conditions, we have conditions without protections? How about we get serious about that deportation force that Trump mused about on the campaign trail, send ALL of you back to your home countries, and regain some semblance of control over our supposedly-sovereign borders? How about: GO F*%* YOURSELVES!

We certainly don’t mean to stick up for Pelosi or any other amnesty-loving Democrat, but this really takes the cake. Don’t these moronic politicians ever look in the mirror and wonder who exactly it is that they’re pandering to? Who is VOTING for this crap? Who is voting for these PEOPLE? Why is it so goddamn controversial in this country for us to have immigration laws?

“All of us or none of us”??

Oh, we’ll be only too happy to make that choice.

Written by Andrew


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