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Mainstream Scientists Finally Admit Warming Predictions are All Wrong

A supposedly breathtaking, bombshell report published in the journal Nature Geoscience this week has taken the scientific community by storm. At long last, the global warming alarmists of the world are ready to admit what the skeptics have been saying for years: That the official climate models that predict global catastrophe within just a few years thanks to carbon emissions…well, they’re just a teensy bit off. So off, in fact, that climate scientists are now being forced to admit that the Great Emergency we were all facing just a few days ago is in fact not that big a deal.

According to the new report, the official climate models have greatly overestimated the amount of global warming that has occurred on our planet, having failed to take into account the pause in warming that honest scientists have been pointing out for 20 years. This pause, which has been in effect since before the year 2000, has seen global temperatures sit at a standstill – despite record amounts of El Nino, which has a warming influence all on its own.

The result of this sudden realization? Well, for one thing, the scientific community must now acknowledge that our goals of reducing carbon emissions by such-and-such a year can now be revised downwards and forward.

Not that we expect Political Climate Hype to settle in the wake of this realization. Once you’ve got a good, private-economy-killing thing going, why would you let a little thing like the “facts” stand in your way? We expect it won’t be long before liberals are the ones on the wrong side of the scientific consensus…not that you’ll ever know it from watching the news.

“The models end up with a warming which is larger than the observed warming for the current emissions,” study author Pierre Friedlingstein told The Washington Post. “So, therefore, they derive a budget which is much lower.”

In other words, the official models used by the IPCC have us budgeting for a much smaller amount of CO2 emissions than we actually have to expend. This gives nations around the world much more leeway when it comes to imposing regulations on the industrialized sector. Good news if you’re a capitalist.

Bad news if you’ve been using the hoax of man-made climate change to eradicate Big Oil, Big Coal, and the rest of the fossil fuel industry.


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