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It’s Time for Robert Mueller to Show His Hand…or Fold

It’s time for someone to reign in Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Supposedly, the political backlash would be too harsh for President Trump to do what really ought to be done – which is throw Mueller out on his ass, where he can pay a visit to his buddy James Comey and they can lick each others’ wounds over a few dozen beers. It’s a hell of a racket, trying to overthrow a democratically-elected president; we’d imagine those two will have plenty to talk about. Maybe they can even collaborate on a tell-all book, full of the kind of classified information that used to be illegal to leak…right up until Comey’s FBI decided that, well, no “reasonable prosecutor” would take the case. How convenient.

But back to Mueller. While Republicans are still pretending that he’s a fine, upstanding man of the law, he’s gone out and hired 17 of the highest-paid prosecutorial figures in the country to perpetrate this limitless, unending, unguided, undemocratic investigation into…well, anything and everything that might connect even tangentially with Donald Trump.

He’s looking into Russia.

He’s looking into this bank and that bank.

He’s looking into Paul Manafort.

He’s looking into Don, Jr.

God knows WHAT he is doing, because he appears to be operating with no particular oversight whatsoever. We assume that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the man who is supposed to be in charge of Mueller’s leash, is just signing anything Mueller asks him to sign so this liberal witch-hunt can go on forever. Or, at least until October 2020, when the Democrats can spring whatever trap they’ve constructed in the hopes that it’s enough to put Kamala Harris or Cory Booker or Joe Biden into the White House. In the meantime, it’s open season on the president. And when we say open, we mean OPEN.

What crime has been committed? Could someone remind us? What crime, that it requires such enormous resources, such a long legal chain, and such guarded grand jury secrecy? What crime, that we have the FBI raiding Manafort’s house in the pre-dawn hours? Collusion? Is that the game? Can someone point that out in the statutes, please?

This investigation didn’t start with Mueller’s hiring. It has, by all records, been ongoing for at least a year. And thus far, we’ve seen not one SCINTILLA of evidence that connects Trump to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee or John Podesta’s personal email account. That’s the supposed collusion, right? We’re not even sure anymore.

No, the game now is for Mueller and his goon squad to research every transaction ever done by Trump, Manafort, Carter Page, Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and anyone else who has ever had a cup of coffee with the president. To keep searching and searching until they find something to charge somebody with. Or at least something they can leak to the press in advance of the next election.

This is a perversion of the justice system, made even more explicit by the FBI’s utter failure to properly investigate Hillary Clinton for her (much more obvious and undeniable) crimes. The American people should not and will not stand for much more of this hoax.


Written by Andrew


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