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Thanks, Obama: Two “Dreamers” Caught Smuggling Illegals Into U.S.

If you listen to Barack Obama, the Democrats, or, for that matter, the majority of elected Republicans, you would come away thinking that “Dreamers” – those illegal immigrants who came here as children and were granted temporary amnesty by the previous administration – were far and away Mexico’s greatest gift to America. They were college-bound, bright, lawful American citizens in everything but documentation. They were fighters in the armed forces, scholars on the front lines of the STEM track, and tomorrow’s leaders. They are America’s future, hindered only by the unfair and arbitrary rules that say you have to abide by a certain set of immigration laws if you want to live in this country legally. Their fate, say their defenders, is a tragic one.

Well, it’s BS.

We’re not going to pretend that all Dreamers are criminal gangsters, because that clearly wouldn’t be any more accurate than the widespread myth that says they’re all perfect little angels. But it’s time to realize some hard truths about these people. Some of them are good, some of them aren’t. Some of them are law-abiding, productive members of their communities, some of them are not. Some of them are college-bound, some of them can probably look forward to a lifetime of imprisonment. They are like any other cross-section of humanity. And it is important that we start recognizing that reality and stop believing in the left-wing fairy tales.

For a look at the darker side of DACA, just witness the arrest of two Dreamers this week, both of whom were caught smuggling illegal immigrants across the border. These two weren’t working in tandem, mind you; these are two entirely separate cases that occurred within a span of a few days.

From the Washington Times:

Customs and Border Protection said the first smuggling attempt was broken up on Oct. 4, after Border Patrol agents stopped a car at a checkpoint on Interstate 35 and discovered two illegal immigrants from Brazil hiding in the trunk.

The driver of the car was from Guatemala, a juvenile who had been approved by the Obama administration for a DACA permit in 2016.

Three days later the same checkpoint snared another DACA recipient from Mexico smuggling an illegal immigrant from Mexico in his trunk.

They and the illegal immigrants they were trying to smuggle are all being processed for deportation, CBP said.

These Dreamers don’t reflect on the reputations of thousands of others, but they do crack open the myth that every single illegal immigrant that came here as a child is somehow a wonderful addition to the fabric of American life. As Congress moves forward on legislation to possibly grant permanent amnesty to these people, let’s focus on the truth and let the myths fall by the wayside.

Written by Andrew

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