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Liberals Mocking Rick Perry Need to Wake Up and Smell the Facts

We’ve grown accustomed to seeing liberal groups and the mainstream media twist the words of this president and his administration (and, really, all Republicans) to make them seem like a legion of evil, angry dolts, but even in this environment, we were surprised to see how viciously they went after Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. It’s one thing to take someone out of context on some nut-job liberal blog like ShareBlue, where readers basically know what they’re getting into. It’s another for mainstream media sites like The Hill and environmental organizations like the Sierra Club to veer this far into the fake news realm just to score some points.

Last week, Perry was speaking to an event sponsored by Axios when he discussed how it was important to bring fossil fuels to Africa so that villages without electricity would benefit from their use.

“It’s going to take fossil fuels to push power out into those villages in Africa, where a young girl told me to my face, ‘one of the reasons that electricity is so important to me is not only because I’m not going to have to try to read by the light of a fire and have those fumes literally killing people.’ But also from the standpoint of sexual assault,” Perry said. “When the lights are on, when you have light that shines, the righteousness, if you will, on those types of acts. So from the standpoint of how you really affect people’s lives, fossil fuels is going to play a role in that. I happen to think it’s going to play a positive role.”

Now this wasn’t the most eloquent speech we’ve ever heard, but we’re pretty sure that even the dimmest liberal gets the point. When the lights are on, crime goes down. And you can research that point until the cows come home, because the statistics are clear. Even in the U.S., crime has a tendency to skyrocket during temporary blackouts. The correlation between electricity and lowered crime rates is both proven and obvious.

And yet…

“It was already clear that Rick Perry is unfit to lead the Department of Energy, but to suggest that fossil fuel development will decrease sexual assault is not only blatantly untrue, it is an inexcusable attempt to minimize a serious and pervasive issue,” said Michael Brune of the Sierra Club in an effort to get Perry to resign.

As if Perry is just out there making wild claims like, “Without Exxon, sexual assault rates will go up!” And that’s how his comments were characterized by the liberal media. As though Perry was not only diminishing the seriousness of sexual assault but also making a ludicrous play for fossil fuels by capitalizing on the Hollywood scandals. He was clearly speaking about a very specific issue in a very specific place, and it was not “blatantly untrue.” Not at all.

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