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Why is Trump Nominating a Pro-Amnesty Liberal for Homeland Security?

In recent Twitter comments, Rep. Steve King of Iowa said that Department of Homeland Security nominee Kirstjen Nielsen – in confirmation hearings to replace John Kelly at the head of that agency – should be dismissed from contention due to her support for DACA amnesty.

“Based upon the information in this article,” King wrote, referring to a Breitbart News report, “Kirstjen Nielsen has disqualified herself from leading the Department of Homeland Security. Pro-Amnesty is anti Rule of Law.”

According to Breitbart’s reporting, Nielsen’s track record on illegal immigration is a troubling one. Not only is she preferred and highly praised by many of the same establishment Republican groups who opposed Trump’s entire candidacy, she has several instances of coming down on the wrong side of the illegal immigration argument.

These are some of the most important issues facing our country today. It’s one thing for one of Trump’s military appointments to have a skewed vision of the Second Amendment, it’s another for his DHS NOMINEE to have a poor grasp of our immigration laws. We could have gotten a pro-amnesty Homeland Security chief under Hillary Clinton – this kind of crap isn’t acceptable in the Trump administration.

From Breitbart:

In a pre-hearing questionnaire obtained by Breitbart News, Nielsen explained how she would be “ready to work with Congress” on a plan to give amnesty to the nearly 800,000 DACA illegal aliens in the U.S.

Likewise, Nielsen chaired a committee at the World Economic Forum that promoted mass immigration to Europe and the U.S., claiming Western nations did not have a choice and needed to accept millions of migrants. That report, as Breitbart News reported, was co-authored by executives from multinational corporations and world banks.

Additionally, Breitbart News reported on Nielsen’s involvement with the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when more than 30,000 illegal aliens and foreign workers were able to come to the U.S. to take American blue-collar jobs which those devastated by the natural disaster had hoped to get.

Of course, part of the problem here is that Trump, too, has been on both sides of the DACA issue himself. While he did the right thing when he ended executive support for Obama’s amnesty, he has been publicly and privately pushing Congress to come up with some kind of plan that would allow the Dreamers to avoid deportation. That is not, by a long shot, the kind of thing he campaigned on, and it’s not the kind of thing his voters wanted when they pulled the lever for him last November. Amnesty of any kind only invites more illegal aliens to try their luck. There’s not a wall on Earth that can stop the flood that a Trump-authorized amnesty plan would unleash on our border.

We would encourage President Trump to take a second look at this woman he’s nominated for the Department of Homeland Security and, also, think twice about his support for an amnesty law granting “Dreamers” an unlicensed path to quasi-citizenship. This has nothing to do with making America great again and is, in fact, the kind of nonsense we had thought ourselves rid of when Hillary went down in flames.

Written by Andrew

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