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FINALLY: Jeff Sessions Turns Focus to Clinton’s Uranium Scandal

The Washington Post intercepted a letter this week showing that Attorney General Jeff Sessions may finally be ready to do his damn job and turn the attention of the Justice Department on the crimes and misdeeds of the Clinton Foundation, including the charity’s suspicious involvement in the sale of a uranium company to Russian government interests.

According to the paper, Sessions’ assistant attorney general, Stephen Boyd, responded to an inquiry from House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, saying the AG was considering the possibility of appointing a (second) special counsel to investigate the worst of the charges against Clinton and her cronies. At the very least, he has directed some of his top federal prosecutors to explore the issues and report back to him.

Those prosecutors, wrote Boyd, will “report directly to the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, as appropriate, and will make recommendations as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources, or whether any matters merit the appointment of a Special Counsel.”

Boyd followed the practice of neither confirming nor denying the existence or potential of any ongoing Justice Department investigations, which means we have few hard details when it comes to which of Goodlatte’s complaints will actually be addressed. However, according to Fox News, Boyd did specifically note that some of Goodlatte’s concerns were already being investigated by the Inspector General:

The letter specifically mentioned allegations related to the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email probe, including allegations that DOJ and FBI “policies or procedures” were “not followed in connection with, or in actions leading up to or related to” then-FBI Director James Comey’s public announcement to close the Clinton email “matter” on July 5, 2016, or the letter he sent lawmakers on October 28, 2016, about newly discovered Clinton emails, and that those “investigative decisions were based on improper considerations.”

The Clintons have weaseled their way out of so much trouble over the years that it’s impossible to get our hopes up about them finally facing the long-overdue justice that awaits them. On the other hand, we’re glad to know that Sessions isn’t simply waving away the scandals that his predecessors left behind. The American people still have a number of unanswered questions about this deal to sell Russia 20% of our uranium, how the Clintons benefitted from such a sale, how Hillary managed to get away with endangering classified information, and who, exactly, was financially invested in that fake “dossier” that formed the foundation of the FBI’s collusion case against Trump. And if it takes another special counsel, or another ten special counsels, to get some answers, then it’s time for Sessions to start appointing them.

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