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Nice Racket: Give Trump the Finger, Receive $100,000

Juli Briskman turned herself into an instant cultural icon among leftists last month when she committed the brave act of flipping the bird at President Trump’s passing motorcade. Now, you may wonder how the same people celebrating Briskman would have reacted to a photo of someone doing the same to Obama’s motorcade, but really, do you have to wonder? No, because you already know. We’d be seeing long thinkpieces in the New York Times about the rise of American racism, the decline of manners, and the radicalization of the conservative movement under a black president.

And if said culture warrior had lost his job over the viral photo? We would hear a collective, “Who cares?” from the left.

But since Briskman is a liberal and the target of her finger was the dreaded TrumpMonster, she’s a hero and the fact that she lost her job with a government contractor is the most terrible thing that has happened to an American citizen since Reality Winner was arrested by the FBI.

So sorry did liberals feel for Briskman that they actually set up a GoFundMe page in her honor!

“Juli Briskman is an inspiration to us all,” the page (incorrectly) states. “This week we learned that she was fired from her employer for exercising her first amendment rights. You can show your support by donating here.”

Instead of being properly ashamed of having people send her money for giving the President of the United States the finger like a spoiled teenager, Briskman sent a message to donors telling them how much she appreciated them and how much she really, really needed the money.

“After I was terminated from my job on October, 31, I was driving home and as you can imagine, my thoughts were racing,” she wrote. “I never imagined that my ‘one-finger salute’ to the Presidential motorcade and its occupant would cost me my job. The actions of my company were swift and unexpected. I was shocked and worried about many things: How and when to tell my children? (my daughter’s birthday was days away and of course I wanted her to have a happy one) How would I pay for healthcare? How much money do I have in my savings to cover our mortgage and general living expenses in Northern Virginia and how long will it last? How long will it take to land another job? This is the short list.

“Through your very generous donations, many of those heavy burdens have been lifted,” she continued. “I am not sure what the future holds, but I am buoyed by your support. For now, I can just say THANK YOU and promise to be a good steward of these funds.”

Holy moly…

This is a woman in desperate need of a reality check, and her firing could have been just the slap in the face she needed to wake up. Unfortunately, she will instead learn that by acting like a braindead adolescent she can actually dupe thousands of liberals into handing her money! How much money? Well, at last count, they’d raised north of $85,000, well on their way to their established goal of a smooth $100K.

We hope for her children’s sake that Briskman really will be a “good steward” of this windfall, but we’ll just say that her public track record of decision-making does not inspire much faith.

Written by Andrew

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