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Young Americans Have Wacky Idea of What Counts as Sexual Harassment

As satisfying as it may be to watch Hollywood liberals and Democrats go down in a fire of sexual harassment claims – and make no mistake about it, it IS satisfying…the hypocrisy is just astounding – we need to be careful before this whole feminist “moment” turns into nothing more or less than a witch hunt. There are already suspicious indications that it has become just that. Yes, it would appear there are some real problem dudes finally getting what’s coming to them. But we fear that it won’t be long (if it hasn’t happened already) that some otherwise fine, upstanding men have their careers ruined over the silliest, flimsiest of accusations.

We fear this for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the already-up-and-running tendency for both Republicans and Democrats to engage in tribalism the moment one of “their guys” is the accused. This leads to two things: Overstating the severity of the accusations against the “other guy” and downplaying the accusations against “our guy.” Neither one is helpful, and none of it has anything to do with the truth. We’re not sure that people are even doing this consciously – it just sort of happens. You see your guy, you trust him, you think he’s a good man, and so you naturally want to believe the best about him. And then, with the other side, it’s the exact opposite. Someone you already distrust? Well, of COURSE they’re guilty. That’s all fine and well when it comes to shooting the breeze on the internet, but we would hate to see people’s lives get ruined over false accusations and political demonization.

But here’s what’s even more dangerous. This may be a moment for all women, but it is especially a moment for liberal feminism – an ideology that destroys everything it touches. And we need to be careful that this sick cult-like infection is not allowed to spread at a time when serious sexual harassment allegations are being thrown into the spotlight. It is all too easy to fall for seductive songs like “All women should be believed,” even when we know, using both common sense and history, that this is simply not the case.

Feminism is also responsible for the spread of idiotic beliefs, like one out of every three women is raped before they graduate college and other insane, unfounded statistics. These don’t help women and they certainly don’t help men. Nor does it help when we have polls like the recent one taken by YouGov. In their research, they found that more than a third of men and women from the ages of 18 to 30 believe that a man is guilty of sexual harassment if he makes a comment about a woman’s attractiveness. Nearly as many believed that a man is guilty of sexual harassment if he asks a woman out for drinks!

We have to keep our guards up for this kind of silliness and social engineering, because feminists are going to do everything they can to exploit this “moment” for all that it’s worth.


Written by Andrew

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