Study: Students Who Protest Against Privilege Are Highly Privileged

We probably didn’t need a study to help us figure out that student protesters at schools like UC Berkeley and Harvard are among the most privileged people in the United States, but one has arrived to confirm what we already knew. A new study conducted by Dominique Baker of Southern Methodist University and Richard Blisset of Seton Hall found in their analysis of nearly 1,900 universities and colleges that students complaining about privilege and oppression were, themselves, some of the most privileged and least oppressed individuals in the country.

The study, published in the Journal of Higher Education, found that the 40 U.S. campuses where widespread protests against “microaggressions” spread in 2014 were much more selective in their admissions policies than the average. They also found that these colleges enrolled fewer Pell Grant recipients and fewer students from low-income households. In other words, the colleges that were home to all of those insipid racial justice protests? Filled to the brim with some of the most spoiled rich kids in the country! How amusing.

Blissett and Baker, however, said it was not ironic that privileged students would be the ones most likely to protest, but in fact, they were the only ones who had the time and the inclination to do so. “Certain people have the time and resources to be able to protest in certain ways,” the authors wrote.

Indeed. When you don’t have to worry about working at the school bookstore to make ends meet and you don’t have a fortune in school loans hanging over your head, eh, why not head out to the quad with your handmade sign and make sure all of your liberal friends know how deeply you care about racial inequality?

This study confirms for us something we’ve suspected for a long time, which is that the vast majority of people these college protesters are protesting on behalf of…don’t actually give a damn about the cause in question. These are rich, privileged liberal millennials who are so bored with their superficial lives that they are desperate to care about something. And so they tried to turn 2014 (and 2015, 2016, and 2017) into recreations of the 1960s, where, they imagine, it must have been fun to be alive. They want to be a part of SOMETHING so badly that they’ll just go out there and make up topics to get angry about. It would be hilarious, except for the fact that somewhere along the way, these students forgot that they were just pretending to be upset.

Written by Andrew

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