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Democrats Finally Realize They Lost the 2016 Election

Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump more than a year ago, but we’re pretty sure a great many Democrats only realized it this week. With the passing of the Republican Party’s first major piece of legislation – the tax bill – Democrats in Congress finally realized that they were not in charge after all. They finally realized that despite all their talk of a “resistance” and all their meaningless (and subsequently overturned) court victories against the Trump administration and all their certainty about blocking the Trump agenda…they didn’t have nearly as much power as they dreamed.

For that reason alone, the day the tax bill went through both houses of Congress was a day worthy of celebration. It was just too satisfying to see Democrats – still riding high after their Alabama win – come crashing back down to reality. All of their propaganda, which the mainstream media carried and disseminated like the dutiful soldiers they are, came to nothing. Republicans passed the bill along party lines and the legislation is on its way to President Trump’s desk as we speak. Democrats can do nothing but watch and grumble.

This will be something entirely new for them. They’ve spent the last year acting as though (if not actually believing) that they won in 2016. If you’ve had the misfortune of watching, say, the Rachel Maddow Show with any consistency this year, you’ll note that she’s spent at least as much time covering the so-called “resistance” as she has the Trump administration. And she’s simply symbolic of what we’ve seen throughout the year when it comes to Democrat Denial. The worst offender was certainly Hillary herself with her 1,001 excuses for why she lost, but the rest of the liberal elites were not far behind. Whether they were embarrassing themselves in pussy hats or rallying around a figure as ridiculous as Frederica Wilson, Democrats really felt like they were on the verge of Something Special this year.

To be sure, Republicans helped them build their fantasies. With the appalling failure of Obamacare repeal, it began to actually look like Democrats DID win the election. And with defectors like John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Bob Corker warming up to positive media coverage, it was uncertain at times if Republicans would even be in the majority by the time December rolled around. At least, not a majority that actually meant anything.

But now things have changed. Republicans just passed the most significant tax overhaul in a generation, delivering Trump his biggest win since the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch. Now there can be no doubt that, as Obama liked to say, “elections have consequences.” Democrats lost, and this bill is the evidence. Resistance or no resistance, the American people had their say last November and they chose Donald J. Trump.

Thank God.

Written by Andrew

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