Every Time a Bell Rings, a Feminist Dies Inside

Every time we think we’ve seen the most ridiculous nonsense feminists have to offer, they come over the top and surprise once anew. They really earn their name – progressive – by their neverending willingness to push the envelope of absurdity. You take a year that feminists should be enjoying an actual moment of valid success with the #MeToo movement and they are going to ruin it by going WAY overboard. And here’s wisdom: When you find yourself deciding that you can no longer comfortably watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” because of some strange sexism you’ve detected in the plot, you’ve definitely gone too far.

But CNN’s Carol Costello apparently doesn’t have an internal editor (or an actual editor) to tell her that. So she went ahead and published this inane drivel on her network’s website – fodder for feminists and those who only hear the term “fake news” when someone mentions CNN. Oh, and maybe the mentally deranged. Then again, we already said feminists.

“If gorgeous, brilliant Mary had never met her George Bailey, would she have ended up working in a library?” Costello writes. “Worse than that, would she have been an old maid — a fate apparently worse than death when the movie was made in 1946?”

Right, we’re sure Costello would have been just fine with it had she never found a man to take her in holy matrimony. What’s the diff, right? She’s a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man. Sure, sure.

Costello says that anyone who points to her article and declares her too sensitive about movies and songs and other problematic fare is missing the point.

“Old-fashioned songs, plays, and ballets are a part of the real world,” she says. “They can influence the way kids think about gender roles. Perhaps it is time we retire these dinosaurs and bask in a brighter, more equitable future.”

And what about “It’s a Wonderful Life?”

“Have I cooled to classics like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside?’” she asks rhetorically. “Kinda. I most certainly will never watch that movie or hear that song in the same way I did when I was a kid. And that’s a good thing.”

Yeah, it’s awesome to turn every movie, every song, and every ballet (?) into an opportunity to go off on a tangent – in your head or out loud – about some ridiculous feminist cause. That can only improve your life and the world. Please, Carol, lead the way.

Written by Andrew

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