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Is Trump Giving Over Command of the Military to the Courts?

Starting on January 1st, the doors will be wide open for transgender individuals to enlist in the U.S. military for the first time. Despite President Donald Trump having ordered transgender people barred from military service, the federal courts have ruled that (bizarrely) Trump’s orders don’t count and Obama’s orders do. Therefore, he can’t bar transgender individuals from serving, even though they have been barred from serving for the entirety of the military’s history. No, the law must stand as it is – the law as King Obama decreed. Because he was a real president and Trump is just…a thing we have to endure for a while. That’s what we assume the courts’ reasoning is, anyway.

The Trump administration asked that court orders be put on hold while an appeal was mounted, but federal judges have denied that request. Strangely enough, the administration announced this week that it was withdrawing its appeals altogether, meaning that the Great Transgender Military Saga is all but over. Obama won. The courts won. And apparently, Trump is signaling that U.S. judges can, at any time they wish, take over command of the military when they disagree with the decisions he makes.

Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not too much to say that this is about something far bigger than whether or not she-men should be allowed to serve in the military. Our stance is that these people are mentally ill and should be kept as far away from the battlefield as possible, but hey, we’ve been wrong before. Maybe they’re perfectly fit for service and the military is a wonderful place for them to live out their gender delusions. Nevertheless, it is not up to the civilian court system to decide what is and is not a lawful order from the Commander-in-Chief. Especially not when all he’s doing is rolling back an order the last president made.

That’s why we’re so disappointed that the Trump administration is walking away from this issue. Even if Trump wants to reverse himself and let transgenders serve, we wouldn’t be half as disappointed as we are to see him drop his legal appeals in this case. They won’t do half as much damage to our military as will the courts if they are allowed to share control over our troops with the constitutionally-prescribed commander.

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