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Parents Upset After 8th Graders Given “Privilege Test” at School

Eighth grade students attending Badger Middle School in West Bend, Wisconsin were sent off to winter break on a hell of a sour note. Apparently, the teachers thought it would be a good idea to ring in the Christmas holidays with a bit of social justice, so they gave 150 students a test that consisted of a list of life situations that could help indicate to what degree the kids were walking around in a blanket of glorious “privilege.”

WITI-TV in West Bend covered the controversy, helpfully publishing a sample of the statements students were instructed to read through and check. They included:

  • I am white
  • I am heterosexual
  • I am a man
  • My parents are still married
  • I feel comfortable in the gender I was born in
  • I do not have any physical disabilities

Apparently if you fit most or even all of these criteria, you should feel bad about your life because you have it so much better than everyone else. Furthermore, you are probably benefiting from others’ misfortune, which means you should go home every day with an extra helping of guilt. Which…now that we think about it…isn’t it a certain kind of privilege to not have to be accused of being privileged? Or is this like being racist against white people – an impossibility, according to most modern liberals? We don’t know. Maybe it’s not important.

Many parents were upset, particularly by some of the language used on the test. One statement read: “I can walk down the street without being catcalled.”

“For a lot of children, they don’t even understand what most of it means,” one parent told WITI. “My child doesn’t know what that means, and she’s 13. This is the age they’re teaching it? She doesn’t know what being catcalled means.”

Well, you’re never too young to learn all about your white, heterosexual, cisgender, etc., etc., etc. PRIVILEGE, are you? Nope, not according to the left. Not according to the social justice warriors.

We still haven’t figured out how any of this “privilege checking” actually makes any difference, but maybe we’re too privileged to understand. That’s the beautiful thing about the left’s newest tactics; if you don’t agree with them, it doesn’t matter because you literally CAN’T disagree with them. Since, you know, you’re the evil oppressor. Or, if you aren’t, you’ve identified with your oppressors. Either way, they win, you lose, nanny nanny boo boo.

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