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CNN Idiot: Trump Has to Pass DACA to Prove He Isn’t Racist

When is CNN commentator Ana Navarro going to give up her pretensions of Republican loyalty and just join the other side already? Hell, Joe Scarborough had the decency to leave the party, why not you, Ana? Because while Scarborough has said enough about Trump to earn him a slap across the face with a small stick, he hasn’t completely lost his ideological principles. He may be firmly NeverTrump (after, of course, a long campaign season in which he couldn’t bring himself to denounce the ratings-monster that was the billionaire candidate), but he isn’t on Morning Joe every day actively trying to help the Democrats pass their agenda. Which is more than we can say for Navarro.

This week, the leftist-in-thin-disguise managed to find a new low in her war against the president. “Offended” by Trump’s characterization of Haiti and other economically-devastated countries as shitholes, Navarro took to Twitter to implore the president to pass DACA as a way of proving that he’s not a racist. Seriously, has any “conservative” fallen so idiotically for the mainstream media’s phony storyline has this idiot?

“If @realDonaldTrump wants to try to do something to contradict the widely-held perception that he is a dark-hearted racist, there is a quick way for him to do it: exert some damn leadership and pass #DACA. Pass it now. ¡Coño!” she said, ending her tweet with a Spanish curse directed towards Trump.

Navarro is either so stupid that she doesn’t realize that the left is willing to use any tool necessary to get their way on DACA, or she’s completely complicit in that plan. Judging by her CNN commentary over the last year and a half…well, it’s a tough call, actually. She’s pretty damn stupid.

So if it is the case that Navarro and other so-called “moderate conservatives” actually don’t get what’s happening here, we’ll be happy to play teacher. Democrats like Dick Durbin aren’t mad because Trump called shithole countries “shitholes.” Dollars to doughnuts, they’ve used that same term to describe these places. They’re pissed off because Trump suddenly came to his senses and realized that Durbin and Lindsey Graham were leading him down the primrose path into oblivion. After talking with John Kelly, Tom Cotton, and other immigration hardliners in the GOP, he realized that this DACA bill did not go NEARLY far enough to meet him in the middle. This was a liberal bill from the bottom up, and it didn’t come close to delivering the kind of compromise the president wanted to see in a Dreamer deal. THAT’S what shocked and outraged the Democrats, not the president’s language.

The president’s language is just the PR tool they’re using to “get back” at Trump for rejecting their nonsense legislation.

Written by Andrew

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