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65 Republican Lawmakers Say RELEASE THE MEMO

In a letter sent to the House Intelligence Committee, a coalition of 65 Republican lawmakers demanded Friday that a classified memo about the Obama administration’s abuse of the FISA warrant system be made available to the American public. The memo, which was brought to national attention last week, reportedly contains what some say is the smoking gun that will show exactly how far the Obama Justice Department bent the law so that authorities could spy on the Trump campaign in the later months of the election. One congressman even went as far as to suggest that the information contained in the memo could bring about the end of Robert Mueller’s investigation, full stop.

The House voted last week to make the memo available to the entire Congressional body, and now lawmakers want to extend that transparency to the nation.

“After reading the document, we were shocked and frustrated, but it has deepened our belief in the vital importance of transparency,” wrote Rep. Matt Gaetz in the letter, addressed to Rep. Devin Nunes. “We are writing to request the immediate release of this document to the public. The audience of this document should not be limited to Members of Congress — the American people deserve to know the information it contains.”

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee voted against making the memo available to the House at large and they are taking the same stance on its public release. In comments made last week, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the memo was nothing more than political propaganda.

The document, he said, was “a profoundly misleading set of talking points drafted by Republican staff attacking the FBI and its handling of the investigation.”

“Rife with factual inaccuracies and referencing highly classified materials that most of Republican Intelligence Committee members were forced to acknowledge they had never read, this is meant only to give Republican House members a distorted view of the FBI,” Schiff continued. “This may help carry White House water, but it is a deep disservice to our law enforcement professionals.”

Well, there’s an easy way to solve that problem: Release the memo, let the public see what this is all about, and let us come to our own conclusions. There is obviously no reason that a set of political “talking points” should remain classified, now is there? No, so there is no reason not to release this memo to the public, is there, Mr. Schiff? Unless, of course, you are lying and there’s something in that memo you’re desperate to keep hidden behind closed doors…eh?

Democrats can see the writing on the wall. The Russia investigation is collapsing before their very eyes. All they can do now is postpone the inevitable. If we apply enough public pressure, they won’t be able to do that for long.

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