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6th Graders Asked: “Do You Want to Change Genders?”

In what must have been a complete surprise to school administrators in Bourbon, Missouri, it turns out that most parents of 11-year-olds are not thrilled when their kids come home and tell them they answered questions about their sexual and gender orientation in class that day. Normally, when a parent asks a child the age-old, dreaded question, “What did you learn in school today?” the answer should preferably not be: “I learned I can change my gender at will!”

Though we’re sure there are some snowflakes in Berkeley, California who will register their disagreement.

From Chicago’s ABC 7 News:

The questions were part of a survey from the state and also included the topics of drug use and suicide. Some parents are outraged, especially since the school district could have opted out of the survey.

Parent Courtney West said, “A lot of that was completely ridiculous for an 11-year-old to have to answer.”

It’s a survey done by the state department of mental health every other year to learn about teen behavior, in order to tailor prevention programs. But parents believe the students are too young for such personal questions.

“The most inappropriate one was if they were transgender or thought about changing genders,” said parent Samantha Overkramer. “My daughter, I mean she just doesn’t understand that.”

Due to the outcry, the report said, the survey will not include the controversial questions in the future.

Well, perhaps not, but you’d better believe this will soon be commonplace in every public school in America because when the social justice left gets their teeth into an issue, they don’t let go until it is normalized across the country. They already did it with sexual orientation and they are pushing transgender theory even harder. The idea that a person can feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body is not a new one, of course, but it IS new that we grant this any kind of scientific or cultural credence. It IS new that we now have to pretend that it’s not only normal to “change genders” on a whim, but that every child in the country must know all about this odd, fringe element of society.

It’s difficult to address this topic without coming across like some kind of insensitive, backwards bigot…and that’s exactly to the left’s design. But rest assured, we’re just fine with men who want to put on dresses and live their lives as “women.” But if you’re telling us we have to buy into the fantasy? If you’re telling us it’s perfectly normal for a 6th grader to decide to change from a boy to a girl one day? Eh, it’s a hard pass, sorry.

Written by Andrew

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