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Women Should Disavow the Leftist March Held in Their Name

This year, the much-ballyhooed “Women’s March” held its second annual events, securing all of the positive press and mushy feelings from the media that it got the first time around. Even though 2017 saw many of the March’s founders exposed for the pro-Sharia, pro-cop killing, extreme leftists that they are, none of that was evident in the coverage. Hundreds of thousands of women (and allied men) showed up to the marches in Washington, Chicago, and elsewhere to pledge their allegiance to this mish-mashed group of “feminists.” We wonder how many of the attendees really knew what they were supporting.

For that matter, which of the leaders could tell us? Are these marches about women’s quality? Are they about the right to have an abortion on demand? Are they about gun control? Climate change? Hating Donald Trump? Or is it just a wild congregation of every crazy wing of the left’s sphere of influence, gathered together under a generic umbrella?

We ask because one of the main things killing the America we used to know and love is the cancer known as identity politics. And the Women’s Marches are identity politics made concrete. What does gun control have to do with the empowerment of black women? What does the right to an abortion have to do with the acceptance of transgender soldiers? The left has gathered all of these nonsensical issues into one basket of insanity and slapped a pussyhat on top. These women are congregating for two reasons: They are women and they perceive the Democratic Party as their champions. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

But even the march’s organizers and sponsors make it abundantly clear that not all women are welcome at the event. If you’re a conservative, forget it. If you’re a Trump supporter, you won’t find many friendly faces in the crowd. If you’re a women who believes that there is no higher calling than motherhood, you will not be treated well in the March’s ideological sphere. And the list goes on. This is a march for LEFTIST women that is treated, by the media, as a march for ALL women.

For that reason, women as a whole should look elsewhere for their platform. This march is a socialist, Islamist, radical feminist event masquerading as a populist gathering. It is not empowering women, certainly, and we don’t even think it’s doing anything for the causes these women believe in. It is only perpetuating the myth that American women are a monolithic minority who believe all the same things and vote all the same ways. It is the embodiment of identity politics, and if the left hasn’t realized it by now, identity politics ALWAYS results in a backlash.

Written by Andrew


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