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Can You Guess What SJWs Have Declared Racist Now?

Is there anything that social justice warriors won’t ruin?

When you set out to read an essay written by one professor currently “revising her manuscript to focus on liberal white supremacy culture” and someone else who describes themselves as “an antiracist white Jewish organizer, facilitator, and healer,” you kinda know what you’re getting into. But as whackadoo as Shreena Gandhi and Lillie Wolff might seem, we learned a long time ago that there is no such thing as “too insane for the American left.” Once it’s out there in the culture, it’s out there. And it will spread, given the left’s obsession with finding new and inventive ways to tell us about oppressed people.

So who is doing the oppressing this time around? Well, white people, obviously, but what kind of white people? Wall Street types? No, too obvious. Teachers? Nah, too easy.

Oh, here we go: What about the white people doing yoga? Do they even KNOW that they’re engaging in the great sin of cultural appropriation? We must inform them!


“To the so many white people who practice yoga, please don’t stop, but please do take a moment to look outside of yourself and understand how the history of yoga practice in the United States is intimately linked to some of the larger forces of white supremacy,” the authors write.

Kind of them to give whites “permission” to keep practicing yoga, by the way.

Here’s the frustrating part about this essay. It talks about how white culture is empty and based only off the oppression of people of color and other cultural ethnicities, but you can grab something like that off a website like Praxis every day of the week. If that’s a mental position you’d like to adopt, there is no shortage of “academics” willing to fill your head with all kinds of nonsense, be it in the blogosphere or at your nearest university.

No, the frustrating part is that they actually hit on something true – accidentally or not.

“People are grasping for something to belong and connect to outside of the empty and shallow societal anchors of materialism and consumerism, which do not nourish or empower people in any sort of meaningful or sustainable way,” they write. “People are searching for these things without even understanding why there is a void in the first place.”

This is the kind of truth you seldom get from a leftist, and it’s too bad they didn’t stick with this a little longer and delve a little deeper because it is exactly what’s wrong with this country today. It’s why we see people deciding to become other genders. It’s why millennials would rather protest their teachers than sit in a classroom and learn. It’s why identity politics has become so monstrously out of control in America (and around the world).

Unfortunately, the authors can only see race. “Few white people make the connection between their attraction to yoga and the cultural loss their ancestors and relatives experienced when they bought into white dominant culture in order to access resources,” they explain. “Few white people make the connection between their love of yoga and their desire and ability to access traditions from historically oppressed communities of color.”

Right. We would ask the authors to prove such a connection, but they make it clear earlier in the essay that only “colonial forms of knowledge” require proof or scientific backing. Guess that allows you to make any kind of argument you want. How convenient.

Written by Andrew


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