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Declassified Memo Exposes the Stains of Barack Obama’s Legacy

Oh, we know, we know. Barack Hussein Obama had the most scandal-free eight years of any president in American history. Nothing bad ever happened on his watch. He was a grateful and patriotic steward of our fragile democracy, and the world would be better off if we’d allowed him to remain president for another thirty years.

You know, except for a few things…

Like the time he bashed Citizens United so hard and for so long that his own IRS took the hint and began specifically targeting conservative groups for extra tax scrutiny – one of the most stunning breaches of the public trust that we’ve ever seen in our many years of watching the federal government in action.

Like the time he used healthcare as an excuse to put the Department of Health and Human Services in charge of the country’s insurance agencies, representing one of the most astonishing federal takeovers in modern history.

Like the time he used the EPA to circumvent the free market and drive energy companies and power plants out of business – all in the name of climate change.

Like the time he used America’s intelligence agencies to deliberately interfere in an ongoing presidential election.

With the release of the Nunes memo on Friday, there could no longer be any doubt that this is exactly what happened (not that there was much doubt in the first place). The FBI and the Department of Justice did not just “accidentally” forget to include a bunch of information about the Steele dossier in their application before the FISA court. No, they deliberately omitted that information because they wanted their warrant. They wanted to put eyes on Carter Page, an American citizen, because they were convinced they could use him to get inside the Trump campaign. And just like Obama used climate change, high rates of uninsured, and Citizens United as excuses for his prior malfeasance, he had a perfect excuse lined up for this one: Russian meddling.

Never mind the fact that, even now, the government has yet to really prove that Russia was actually behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

But even if they were, there is precious little evidence to connect the Trump campaign with Moscow’s interference. Were there meetings that would have been better not taken? Yeah, perhaps, but we’ve seen nothing in the record that convinces us that anything took place that can’t be written off to political naivete. Maybe that’s no excuse, and we’d be willing to hear that argument. But that’s a political argument, not a legal one. No crime has been committed. No treason, certainly. Don’t make us laugh.

The intelligence community is not supposed to be out there investigating political “crimes.” They’re supposed to be investigating ACTUAL crimes. It’s not only stunning that Obama allowed this kind of political nonsense to go on, you have to remember something else: While he had the Justice Department and the FBI chasing down the Carter Pages of the world, ISIS was on the rise. Don’t you think our intel community might have had better things to worry about? Just saying.


Written by Andrew

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