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No One Wants Your Lame Version of DACA Amnesty, John McCain

Sometimes we wonder if we wouldn’t be better off with a Democrat in that Arizona Senate seat than what we have, which is Sen. John McCain. At every turn of the Trump presidency, McCain has tried to thwart the administration’s agenda. We’re not sure if he’s just now proving to the country that he never had much use for conservatism at all or if he’s still butthurt over Trump’s “war hero” comments from 2015. But whatever has gotten his bee in a bonnet, we cannot let it run roughshod over the immigration debate.

McCain is joining forces with Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) to write a loathsome piece of legislation that exchanges amnesty for…um…nothing. Yeah, no wall funding. No cuts to chain migration. Just an open opportunity for both parties to come together at some future date and work out extra border security measures. Give us a break. To vote for this bill would be to believe that Democrats actually give a rat’s ass about border security, which they most certainly do not. And if Republicans vote to legalize two million illegal immigrants while getting nothing of substance in return, well, they deserve to lose badly in November’s midterms and every single election after that. We can only pray they are not that stupid.

But damn, we’re not counting on it.

By passing a “clean” DACA bill, we will see what we saw when Obama wrote the original executive order: A massive surge of illegal aliens at our border, overwhelming our patrol agents and adding another million or two to the domestic alien population. Offer the carrot, get the rabbits. It’s that simple. It was proven in 1986, it was proven in 2012, and it was proven again in 2014. It will be proven a fourth time in 2018, should these idiots in Washington be dumb enough to pass such a bill.

We don’t think it’s going to happen. We don’t think that Donald Trump could look his supporters in the eye and pretend this represented anything other than a complete surrender to the Democrats. He has said many times that he wants to find a solution to this DACA mess, but he has also said numerous times: No Wall, No Amnesty. We expect him to abide by that promise, and we suspect that he will.

Written by Andrew

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