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Only One Republican Had the Guts to Cast a Vote Against Amnesty

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas really got battered in the 2016 presidential election, so it’s worth coming back to him every now and then to give him the praise he deserves. Whether or not he’s your “cup of tea,” so to speak, is a matter of personal preference, and whether he could have beaten Hillary Clinton is still a question very much up in the air. But what isn’t up for debate is this man’s commitment to conservative principles. He proved that yet again this week with a courageous, principled vote that made him the only man in the Senate to stand against handing a path to citizenship to illegal immigrants.

The Senate voted 97-1 this week to move a House bill over to the Senate for discussion on immigration reform. The bill, which will inevitably be crafted around giving Dreamers a path to citizenship as per the president’s promise, will now be debated in a free-for-all under Mitch McConnell’s discretion. What we can expect from here is anyone’s guess. Trump has given Congress a firm deadline of March 5 to come up with a solution for the Dreamers; that’s when the time runs out on Obama’s executive order. The White House has said there will be no additional extensions. It’s do or die, and the president has made it clear that, at minimum, he wants wall funding in exchange for amnesty.

Republicans are all about giving Democrats everything they want on this issue; the problem will be crafting something that meets President Trump’s standards. But even those standards are below those embodied by Sen. Cruz, who abides by the simple belief that if you came to this country illegally, you should not be given a path to citizenship.

“Such a policy is inconsistent with the promises that he and Republicans have made to the voters, and is in fact further to the left of President Obama’s position,” said Cruz’s spokesperson.

While we admire Cruz’s stance, we have a feeling that Trump is playing the Democrats like a fiddle on this issue. We could be wrong; he could be as “soft-hearted” about these Dreamers as he claims to be, and it could steer him to sign a bad piece of legislation. That would be regrettable, to say the least. But we expect the Democrats to balk on the White House’s demands, fail to secure a bill, and then run on the “cruel, heartless, evil Trump” platform this November. Meanwhile, Trump will be able to waltz around and say, “Hey, they had their chance and they blew it.” Plus, it will prove just how radical the Democrats are when it comes to leaving the border wide open.

We’ll see how it all comes out in the wash. For now, Ted Cruz should hold his head high because his vote is the only one that truly represents what the 2016 election was all about.


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