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DOJ May File Obstruction Charges Against Oakland’s “Sanctuary” Mayor

The Department of Justice may go tit-for-tat with Oakland’s liberal mayor when it comes to charting unprecedented territory. After Democrat Libby Schaaf decided to take it upon herself last weekend to “warn” Oakland’s illegal immigrant population that there was an ICE sweep coming their way, the Trump DOJ has said they may bring obstruction of justice charges against her.

In a Twitter message last Saturday, Schaaf wrote that she had spoken to “multiple credible sources” who told her that ICE was “preparing an operation in the Bay Ara, including Oakland, starting as soon as” the next day. Indeed, Schaaf’s tip turned out to be right on the money, even though she now insists that she did not get the information through any official channels. This is supposedly her defense against any charges of obstruction that might come her way. “Hey, I heard about it from my friend Bob…nothing to do with the mayor’s office.” We’ll see how that holds up in court.

For her part, Schaaf is not even slightly contrite. She held a press conference the next day explaining that she was “sharing this information publicly not to panic our residents but to protect them.” In the days since, she has doubled down, insisting that Oakland has every right to act as a Sanctuary City for illegal immigrants and that she has every right to protect them from the “racist” actors of the Trump administration. Naturally, state officials like Attorney General Xavier Becerra are only too happy to back her up. After all, there appears to be nothing Becerra loves more than to sue the Trump administration. Gotta build up that resume.

Fox News reports that ICE officials are asking the DOJ to launch an inquiry into Schaff’s actions to see if she broke any laws.

Whether she did or she didn’t, ICE Director Thomas Homan has been outspoken about Schaff’s little warning, saying it did nothing other than endanger the public.

“What she did is no better than a gang lookout yelling ‘police’ when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood, except she did it to a whole community,” Homan said in a Fox & Friends interview on Wednesday. “There’s over 800 significant public safety threat criminals that we are unable to locate because of that warning, so that community’s a lot less safe than it would’ve been.”



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