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Iran’s Supreme Leader to America: “Make Guns Illegal”

The left in this country is looking all over the place for support when it comes to implementing their radical anti-gun policies. They’ll use high schoolers, Planned Parenthood officials, clergy, teachers…anyone they can find who will say the right things and let them restrict the definition of the Second Amendment.

Well, almost anyone.

Democrats aren’t too proud to align themselves with some of the most despicable people in the world, but even THEY seem to know better than to embrace Iran’s religious dictator, the Ayatollah Khamenei. It’s one thing to blindly sign an agreement to hand over billions of dollars to a state sponsor of terrorism; it’s another thing to retweet the Ayatollah and say, “You know, this guy’s making a lot of sense.”

Nonetheless, Khamenei sounded like he could make a run for the 2020 Democratic Party ticket this week when he decided to give his two cents on the American gun control debate.

“In U.S., hundreds are killed every week by homicide for no crime – no reason – not at the hands of police, as U.S. police brutality is a separate issue,” he wrote. “The accessibility of guns leads to homicide; it’s created problems for a country like U.S., everyone admits, fears, and is concerned about it. No one dares apply the clear solution to the promotion of guns and homicide in America.”

“What’s the solution?” he wrote. “It’s to make guns illegal.”

We found it amusing that Khamenei also managed to stick a jab in there about police brutality. We’re assuming he is a big fan of the #takeaknee movement.

Of course, Khamenei unwittingly proved why the Second Amendment exists in the first place – to prevent a dictator like him from setting up shop in the White House. Iran has not known true freedom since the late 1970s, and part of the reason why no uprising can really work in that Islamic nation is because the population is utterly unarmed. The Ayatollah saw to that as one of his first orders of business. Why? Because that’s the way authoritarians operate, that’s why. And it’s always, always, always, for the “good of the citizenry.”

Democrats, of course, don’t want to “make guns illegal.” They just want to make SOME guns illegal. You know, the really scary looking ones that are functionally indistinguishable from other ones that would remain on the market. In that sense, their proposals actually make less sense than those of the Iranian tyrant.

Democrats 2018: We’re Like Islamic Dictators, Only Stupider.


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