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For Criticizing Islam, Conservative Star Banned From Britain

Few conservative stars have risen as quickly as Canadian guerrilla journalist Lauren Southern, who is right up there with Milo Yiannopoulos and Ben Shapiro when it comes to getting young, anti-free speech campus cretins in a riotous mood. Southern has mocked everything from Antifa to Slut-Walks, but it was her criticism of Islam that got her barred from the United Kingdom on Monday.

According to Fox News, Southern was on her way from France to visit friends in the UK when she was stopped at the border for her controversial views on religion.

“Border Force has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good,” a spokesman for the UK Home Office said in a statement confirming that Southern was not welcome in the country.

Southern apparently earned her ban in February when she distributed a mocking poster about Islam to prove a point about the nature of religious criticism. After a Vice article delved into the question of whether Jesus was gay, Southern and the English Defense League’s Tommy Robinson teamed up to distribute posters in Luton that read, “LGBT for Islam UK.”

On the poster was written: “Allah is Gay, Allah is Trans, Allah is Lesbian, Allah is Intersex, Allah is Feminist, Allah is Queer, Allah is All of Us.”

According to Robinson and Southern, they made up the posters to demonstrate how different the reaction would be from Muslims as compared to Christians when their religion is mocked by outsiders.

This, however, was seen as “distribution of racist materials” by UK border police. Southern told Fox News that there was no merit to this claim, seeing as how Islam is not a race.

“They asked me if I’m a Christian extremist, asked me how I feel about running over people with cars,” she said of her treatment at the border. “They asked me about Tommy Robinson, asked how I would describe myself politically, asked me how I would describe nationalism. It seems it could be marking the end of conservative speech in the U.K. or the beginning of an era of serious censorship.”

The UK has the right to run their country as they see fit, but we find it endlessly interesting how protective European governments have become over Islam and its adherents. Have they taken this approach because they are terrified not to? If so, they have fundamentally misunderstood the aim of terrorism, which is not to beat the West into acceptance of Islam but to SPREAD Islam (in its most radical form) throughout the world by way of the sword. Submitting to this dangerous ideology with this much cowardice only empowers Islamists and encourages them.

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