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Democrats Reject the Best DACA Offer They’re Going to Get

Democrats proved this week (again) that they are not serious about securing protection for the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants enrolled in President Obama’s DACA program. According to Politico, Democrats negotiating with the White House about an acceptable path forward rejected the best offers they’re likely to get: A trade of three more years of DACA amnesty in exchange for $25 billion in border wall funding.

Trump was generous enough to take all legal immigration cuts off the table, leave chain migration alone for now, and offer them this simple extension that would protect some 700,000 Dreamers from deportation. Furthermore, the deal would have allowed DACA recipients to keep their work permits for the time period outlined in the agreement, a huge win for the children of illegal migrants and their families.

But Democrats said no. Why? Well, here’s what THEY wanted: CITIZENSHIP for at least 1.8 million illegal immigrants! Which, by the rules of the road currently on the books, would have almost certainly meant amnesty or citizenship for millions more through the perilous route of chain migration. Basically, Democrats wanted a head start on the complete legalization of illegal immigrants living in America…and their relatives abroad. For that, and that alone, they were willing to pony up the required money for the border wall.

As far as we can tell, this rejection ruins any attempt the Democrats might have wanted to make in turning this into a campaign issue. Yes, yes, Trump is the one who ended DACA, but he gave Congress every reasonable chance to come up with a fair and mutually-beneficial solution. Even if the left wants to treat the White House’s earlier offers as too strict for serious consideration, there is no way they can position the last offer that way.

Trump came into office promising a wall, a wall will be built, the American people voted for a wall. It is Congress’s responsibility to find the funding. This would have been a golden opportunity to do so AND extend an olive branch of protection to Obama’s Dreamers.

Nothing doing. They won’t have it. They want the moon, and they’ve got it in their heads (quite mistakenly, we believe) that the American public is behind them. They think that “Trump took away our DACA” is a winning campaign issue, and they aren’t about to lose it. So they floated this absurd, never-gonna-happen offer of citizenship for 1.8 million people. They knew Trump wasn’t going to go for that. They would rather keep this issue alive for the midterms than actually do something for the Dreamers.

We can’t wait until this comes back to bite them in their collective asses.

Written by Andrew


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