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Mueller Investigation is the Establishment’s Final Revenge

With President Trump rocking the world as one of the most effective and unique leaders this country has ever had, it’s easy to forget how this real estate tycoon from Manhattan had to defeat not just 16 other Republicans to get the party’s nomination, but the Democrats and an overarching, bipartisan Establishment to get into the White House in the first place.

Even after he had secured the nomination, one will recall, there was talk of the RNC pulling a fast one at the convention and crowning Ted Cruz, John Kasich, or even Paul Ryan their presidential nominee. Even after he won the election, please remember, there was talk of using the Electoral College to steal it away from him and hand it to Hillary Clinton or some other, more deserving president.

Thankfully, none of that nonsense ever materialized.

But even though it has appeared for the last year or so that the vast majority of elected Republicans have fallen in line behind Trump, make no mistake about it: The Establishment is still alive and well. They don’t appreciate what this man is doing with foreign and domestic policy, even if they are too afraid to speak out against him publicly. Instead of taking him on politically and losing, they are working behind the scenes to undermine him at every turn.

And nowhere is that made more obvious than in the continued farce known as the Robert Mueller investigation.

Though the Special Counsel’s office is remarkably (miraculously?) free from the leaks that appear to plague every other facet of the federal government, we can piece much of Mueller’s strategy together from what HAS been made public. And from that, it is quite easy to see that this hasn’t had anything to do with “Trump colluding with the Russians” in a long time. This is about Mueller getting revenge for his boy, Jim Comey. This is about Democrats getting revenge for the humiliating defeat of Hillary Clinton. This is about Republicans getting revenge for this man’s hostile takeover of their party. This is about the Establishment’s final revenge against a man who is threatening to undo their globalist, anti-American policies once and for all.

To most of the entrenched political class in Washington – NOT just the Democrats and NOT just the avowed NeverTrumpers – the American people “got it wrong” in 2016. And now they are (subtly and not-so-subtly) working to slowly undo that grave “mistake.” That’s why you now see Republicans like McConnell and Ryan coming out to support the work of Mueller’s investigation. They see the facts. They know where this charade is heading. And they love it. They are dreaming of the day Mike Pence takes the oath of office and they are free from this unpredictable path where an American president actually (GASP) puts “America first.” The horror.

All we can say is: Trump has crushed every effort the Washington elites have made to bring him down thus far. If we were inclined to make a bet, we wouldn’t put it on Mueller.


Written by Andrew

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